[SOLVED] Articles of Mental Health

Conduct a search in professional journals or news articles of mental health where you identify the use of these mental health concepts to discuss and share them in class.Access the written discussion forum titled The social implications of mental health patients. In that forum, discuss what it means to have a mental health diagnosis like controlled substance abuse when you have a job or attend school. It also includes in the argumentation the use of medications for mental health conditions. Then, read and contribute to at least two publications from classmates.Ask a question to verify or expand information.Share your initial comment and compare it with that of your partner’s.Offer suggestions about the comment.Validate ideas with own experiences.Complete or complement your partner’s publication.Remember to base your writing and the answers to your colleagues with specific references, according to your personal reading, using the format of the latest edition of the APA style. This activity is part of the evaluation (see Rubric of the written discussion forum).

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[SOLVED] American Psychological Association

Apply logical reasoning to address issues in professionalism.GEL-7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within your field of study.Professional Code of Ethics AnalysisYour task is to write a 1- to 2-page paper (double spaced) that identifies, summarizes, and applies a published code of ethics for your profession.Using the internet and the PG Library, locate an industry organization’s code of ethics. For example, the American Marketing Association, American Psychological Association, and the American Medical Association all have extensive codes of ethics. An excellent source is the Ethics Code Collection.Once you have located and examined the code, summarize the main points of the code. Provide an example of an ethical decision or issue that may arise in your profession. Explain how the code of ethics could be used to provide guidance regarding the decision or issue. Conclude your paper with an explanation regarding the importance and benefits of codes of ethics.Content Requirements:Identify a professional code of ethics for your profession.Summarize the main points of the code.Demonstrate how the code of ethics can be applied to a specific ethical issue that could arise in that field.Explain the benefit of codes of ethics.Demonstrate consistency of your clearly established viewpoint throughout the paper and a clear logical flow as you apply ethical reasoning.Make sure your writing is original and insightful.

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[SOLVED] Theories of Color Vision

Describe each of the three theories of color vision. Include a discussion of their strengths and limitations. Review a current research study that examines one or more of these theories.

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[SOLVED] Factors that Promote Abuse

Students will write a self-evaluation of how they see elder abuse and what are the risk factors that promotes the abuse. The language of this activity will be evaluated using the Self-reflection Rubri

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[SOLVED] A Biopsychosocial Perspective

1000 words for a News Article Review and Critique. Topics and examples are attached. (CHOOSE ONE ARTICLE ONLY)Task:• Read relevant literature on the mental health topic (e.g., a particular disorder) to ensure you have a good understanding of relevant (i) biological, (ii) psychological, (iii) social, and (iv) ethical considerations pertaining to this topic.• When reading this literature, consider how effectively (or ineffectively) the article covers the domains relevant to a biopsychosocial perspective, and the principles relevant to the APS Code of Ethics.• Write a 1000-word Review and Critique that critiques the news article, drawing on relevant literature to back up your arguments (using APA7 style of referencing).• At the end of the critique, in addition to the 1000 word review/critique, provide a minimum of 4 dot-points of suggested changes to the news article based on your review, in order to improve the use of evidence and the ethical portrayal of mental health issues. Note that the critique should be mindful of the purpose of a news article i.e., to communicate with a layaudience, and is therefore not meant to be a scholarly article. Try to think about what overall message the news article is creating about the mental health issue it covers, and what are some of the ways that this overall message could be improved by changes within the article. These dot-points are not included in your 1000 words.

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[SOLVED] Abnormal Behaviour

2000 Words Literature Review (excluding reference list). Your essay must be fully referenced using APA 7th edition style of referencing.This assignment involves completing a literature review which critiques the literature and examines evidence about a particular topic. The list of topics are attached belowYou must research and use recently published empirical journal articles which you must access in full text (i.e., not just as abstracts). This literature review must not be simply descriptive; you must demonstrate that you have engaged critically with the academic literature pertaining to all aspects of the topic you have chosen to research and you must develop coherent arguments informed by the research literature.

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[SOLVED] Evolutionary Psychological Theory

How does media influence our identities?9.To what extent can modern Western family structures be explained by evolutionary psychological theory?? Please write at least one cohesive paragraph (at least 5-7 sentences) for each question; thank you!

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[SOLVED] A Self-evaluation

Students will write a self-evaluation of how they see elder abuse and what are the risk factors that promotes the abuse. The language of this activity will be evaluated using the Self-reflection Rubric

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[SOLVED] Psychology Of Ageing

Research Review Report (Literature Review/Critical Essay): Each student is expected to prepare a 2500-word Literature Review report on a topic closely related to Psychology of Ageing.The review paper must be formatted according to APA Style- 7th edition.The review should summarize a sub-topic in the specific area chosen. The literature review must include a range of research data (original research papers with research evidence and experiments, not just reviews).Abstract (approx. 200-300 words) is included in the word count, but References are NOT included in the word count.Select One of the Topic that you are most comfortable with in the document provided.

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[SOLVED] Bilateral Relationships

Chapter 11 5. Discuss Child related family issues that are problematic to society in the 21st century6.Define the following concepts: Monogamy, exogamy, polyandry, matrilineal, bilateral relationships, homogamy and the differences among the Patterns of Descent.7. Compare Symbolic Interactionist theory of family with Post Modern and Functionalist theories.Chapter 12 8. Discuss conflict and structural functionalist theories of religion and education (separately). How do they address these two social institutions?9. What is the meaning of ‘hidden curriculum’ and inequality? Discuss the impact of school drop out on race and ethnicity10. Discuss your views relating to Charter Schools and Homeschooling

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