[SOLVED] McClintock’s Scholar-Practitioner Model And Capella’s Scholar-Practitioner

Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions. Professional Communications and Writing Guide. Graduate Psychology Discussion Rubric. Learning Model Worksheet [DOC].  Scholar-Practitioner Model. As stated in the introduction, connecting scholarship and practice are critical for professionals in psychology. In one of the unit studies, you examined both the scholar-practitioner model, as presented in McClintock’s 2004 article and […]

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Psych Human Growth | Instant Homework Help

PSYC 2103 Human Development – Semester Project (APA PAPER) For the semester project students will write an APA Style paper with a Power Point to be uploaded in Blackboard. The paper will be graded on content, organization and flow, grammar, mechanics, and adherence to APA guidelines. Students must cite a minimum of three sources (in addition to your textbook). At least TWO (2) of those sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles (i.e. they cannot be websites such as web md or mayo clinic). Students should use Galileo. The paper should use in-text citations (APA style) and have a title, abstract, and reference page. The paper should have a minimum of 6 pages (this include the title or cover page, abstract page and reference page). The well-written paper should describe/explain concepts pertaining to the Human Development Theories applied to a particular human development stage of your choice covered in this course (see Table of Content in your textbook), and not just document them. IF REQUIRED by the instructor, students need use the Power Point presentation in class (3 minutes minimum) for the oral presentation. A Dropbox will be provided in Blackboard for the student to upload the paper and Power Point. RUBRIC for Final Exam – APA Paper and Oral Power Point Presentation: 50% – organization and flow, grammar, mechanics, and adherence to APA guidelines 25% – Power Point Presentation (Include Oral Presentation if required). 25% – In the Content: You communicate how cultural, historical, and local factors have an impact on situations, events, issues, or phenomena related to Human Development, and Mental Health. IMPORTANT: This APA Paper with the Power Point, and (Oral presentation if required) is 25% of your Semester Grade. When writing the paper consider: ? Audience awareness: Your communication reflects an understanding of the needs and perspectives of your audience. ? Empathy: You explain how perspectives influence human interactions and understandings of a situation, event, issue, or phenomenon discussed in your paper. ? Perspective: You explain how access to knowledge, technology, and resources, influence perspectives and interpretations of situations, events, issues, or phenomena discussed in your paper ? Appropriation: You sample and remix a variety of content to produce new meaning. ? Synthesis: You understand and can explain to others the phenomenon discussed in your paper ? Adaptability: You apply your current knowledge to learning new ones. ? Resiliency: You seek out and use a variety of resources in your paper.

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Indirect Guidance / Direct Guidance | Instant Homework Help

After reviewing the readings and resources for this week, identify 2 indirect guidance strategies and 2 direct guidance strategies that you would use with children. Be sure to specify the setting where you would use the strategies (classroom, child care center, home) and the appropriate age group for your strategies.

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Biopsychosocial Assessment & Interpretive Summary | Instant Homework Help

Purpose: To demonstrate ability to complete a biopsychosocial assessment and interpretive summary Task: Using your assigned Intervention Episode client (I will re-upload this document), you are to complete and submit a biopsychosocial assessment and interpretive summary. You may create any additional information that you may need to complete the assessment and interpretive summary. Review examples provided. Criteria: Grades will be assigned on the basis of the following criteria: Student demonstrated knowledge and skill ability in completing the biopsychosocial assessment ___/5 Student demonstrated knowledge and skill ability in completing the interpretive summary ____/3 Grammatical and spelling errors minimized ____/2

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