Research and Methodology

[Solved] Evidence And Evaluation

Critical evaluation of philosophical,  method, methodology and ethics of  The influence of stress on study habit on postgraduate students (8 pages) For more information on Evidence And Evaluation read this:

Jan 2nd, 2022

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Evaluating Evidence

Name two different methods for evaluating evidence. Compare and contrast these two methods. For more information on Evaluating Evidence read this:

Jan 2nd, 2022

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Accuracy and Validity

Nicholas Walliman describes research methods as the techniques used to do research. These methods help you to conduct the research as well as sort and analyze the information properly in order for it to be conclusive. The conclusion of your research will show validity when the proper research method is used when conducting said research. (Walliman pg 7) As a consumer of research, you must ensure you have knowledge in the field of research methods. By having some knowledge on this matter, it ensures accuracy and validity. By knowing how the research was retrieved, it allows for you to know the information you are collecting from sources has been retrieved in an accurate way. Not having this background information can leave you to be a consumer of research from the media, personal discussions or through nonscholarly web pages. Scholarly articles are some of the best research a consumer of research should seek. Having knowledge of research methods would give you the upper hand with knowing that a scholarly article would be the best set of research and was retrieved with validity. A consumer of research is less likely to be negatively swayed when searching for research if they have a grave understanding of the methods that are used to conduct the research. An individual with knowledge of research methods would be able to acquire a source with more valid academic information. Scholarly research consists of peer-reviewed work. respond to this discussion question in 100 words For more information on Accuracy and Validity read this:

Jan 1st, 2022

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Graphic Organizer

objective: to fill out 3 reliability checklists and 1 graphic organizer.  I will provide you with three small articles you have to go thru and highlight. Then answer the Objective. filling the 3 checklists> giving more information about author details links provide reliable information. Location. to prove the credibility of the Article. second: The graphic organizer should have problems and solutions and a thesis based on articles I will provide samples to make it simple. For more information on the Graphic Organizer read this:

Dec 31st, 2021

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Developing Research Methods

Instructions Submit a short paper addressing the following: What research methods have been used to address your research problem? Were these methods appropriate? What data collection methods have you noted in your review of literature? Evaluate the appropriateness of statistical analyses used. What gaps and inconsistencies in the literature have you noted? For additional details, please refer to the Module Six Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document. For more information on Developing Research Methods read this:

Dec 30th, 2021

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Research Methods

Using your textbook, research, and your study notes, answer the following questions that deal with confidence interval construction and explain the content in detail, including calculations. Be sure to include in-text citations and peer reviewed references in APA format in your discussion post. Provide an explanation of the confidence interval and confidence level. Determine in what situations you can use the z  statistic to construct a confidence interval for the mean of a population.Verify what test statistic  is used for constructing a confidence interval on the population’s   proportion.Describe why and when t statistic is used in constructing  a confidence interval for the mean of a population.Read the case study “Pointsec Mobile Technology” on page  439 of Zikmund et al. (9th ed.) textbook (Chapter 17) and provide detailed answers to the questions asked.Make sure to provide numerical examples for questions 1-4 and include in-text citations and peer reviewed references in APA format. For more information on read this: 

Dec 28th, 2021

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Research Proposal Project

Design For this section of your research proposal assignment, you will focus on the sampling, reliability, and validity of your research proposal. This section will include information on sampling, reliability, and validity.The following components should be addressed in your paper this week:Information on your sample  Sampling basic information (age, gender, criteria, etc.)Sample sizeExplain why your sample is appropriate for your studyReliabilityExplain how your data collection process is consistent and reliableExplain why your measurement tool is reliableValidityExplain how you will ensure you have a valid sampleExplain how you tested the validity of your measurement toolAPA formatting, references, and citations are required. Your research project design should be included as part of your final submission for your research proposal project in week 7 and your research proposal presentation in week 8. Use the feedback you receive from your instructor on your design to modify and improve before submission of your final project in weeks 7 and 8.Due Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)Points Possible: 75The Research Clinic SimulatioYou will need to complete this simulation in order to answer your Discussion Prompt this week!  Throughout the course, you have learned about research ethics. This simulation will let you see how some of those ethical concerns play out in the clinical setting along with the real-life consequences that can result.  Each role places you in several situations in which you must make decisions that affect patients, family, and your professional ethics and moral values.

Dec 27th, 2021

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Methodological Theory

Discuss some of the reasons why we include methodological theory in our research?  What purpose does it serve?  What role do inquiry paradigms play in research? Your posts this week should demonstrate critical reflection upon the assigned readings. 500 words 2 References APA format For more information on Methodological Theory read this:

Nov 19th, 2021

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Research Paper

 Write a 7 pages Research Paper following APA format including Title Page, Abstract, Conclusion, and References. Select favorite topic about ethics in caring for the elderly.  For more information on Research Paper read this: 

Nov 12th, 2021

Research and Methodology

[Solved] Design And Sampling

Discuss the nursing implications of the findings of the research.  Consider the following questions What are the risks vs. benefits to the practice of the findings?  For more information on Design And Sampling read this:

Nov 12th, 2021

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