Speech on Bias and Discrimination

please use these articles and write a speech on bias and discrimination in the school system. How are students and teachers affected by this? Then, create a solution on how this problem can be solved. how can we get rid of this bias and discrimination? what can the school system do to fix this problem? Please create your own solution for this and talk about it in the speech. These are the articles:  https://www.thoughtco.com/racial-and-gender-bias-among-professors-3026672 https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/14831-lesley-lokko-explains-her-resignation-from-city-college-of-new-yorks-spitzer-school-of-architecture https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2018/03/14/study-says-students-rate-men-more-highly-women-even-when-theyre-teaching-identical https://nobaproject.com/modules/prejudice-discrimination-and-stereotyping https://www.verywellmind.com/implicit-bias-overview-4178401 https://unconsciousbiasproject.org/think-better/strategies/

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In 250-words, compare and contrast the two protagonists in the stories. As points of comparison, you might discuss handicaps, lifestyles, socioeconomic levels.

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Restaurant Menus

TUTORIAL QUESTION Argue whether you believe 21st century fine-dining restaurant menus are an exercise in rhetoric? Are menus designed to persuade us into trying something new? Example are pricing strategies and descriptive words. FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS • You must use at least 2 in-text references to support your discussion, from a journal article, website or relevant textbook. • You must reference using the UniSA Harvard Referencing style • Please format using: left alignment double space between paragraphs and use at least 1.5 line spacing to increase ease of online reading and marking.

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Social Judgments

Answer the following questions:1. Is it possible to keep the divisions that separate religious groups out of politics in a democracy? Should we?2. How do your own implicit biases affect your political and social judgments?3. Please define “civil liberties” and “civil rights”. Please provide an example of each.4. How do rights equal power? Provide a minimum of two examples to support your view.5. Are Americans’ Constitutional Rights unlimited? And who solves conflicts over rights? Please provide an example of someone or thing solving such a conflict.

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Ideal Society

1. Format the document with 1in. margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt., double-spaced, put references to all the facts and quotes (author, date). (1 pt for references and citations) Each prompt section should be one paragraph.  They will be graded for: completion, logical argument, use of evidence such as course readings and current events coherent writing, and relevance to the prompt. Answer all of the following questions: One of the functions of ideology is a guide to how to construct the ideal society.  From the ideologies we have studied so far–traditional, liberal, fascist, nationalist, and socialist: 1) which ideology do you think offers the best blueprint and why? (1 pt for the ideology and 2 pts for explanation) 2) which ideology has the greatest potential for abuse? Give an example. (1 pt for the ideology and 2 pts for explanation) 3) what is the connection between the domestic vs. international ideal society of your favorite ideology? What does your ideology prescribe at home vs. how to pursue world order in the global arena? (1 pt for the connection and 2 pts for explaining the prescription)

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Studying Women

Why study women and how can/should we study women?  Define feminism, misogyny, and patriarchy.  What is the significance of gender, race, and class in the study of women?

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Minimize Stalking

How to Minimize Stalking“When I first worked in this field, surveillance equipment was expensive, complicated to use and limited to law enforcement and the military,” says Dill. “Now anyone with a credit card can purchase extremely sophisticated, simple to use spy equipment—even on Amazon.”Social media and nanny cameras have become the most common cyberstalking tools, he says. “People use nanny cameras because they’re so inexpensive and readily available. And everyone understands how to use social media, but most don’t comprehend how it works and what personal information is collected,” says Dill. “Many people use social media to share their location with friends, but don’t properly set their security settings, or they accept individuals as friends that they don’t really know. In addition, simple GPS and Bluetooth devices are being repurposed for stalking.”Asked how to minimize vulnerability to cyberstalking, Dill says, “People need to read the privacy policy and terms of service on the apps and social media they use. Once they understand what permissions they are actually granting, they can take steps to limit their exposure by setting their security settings.”As for preventing someone from watching you via a hacked webcam, Dill suggests powering down laptops and covering cameras that are not in use, using anti-virus programs and online scanners, and keeping operating systems up-to-date. In general, he says, “If you think someone might know your User ID and password, change it.”Preventing GPS tracking is more challenging. GPS “jammers” are available online, though illegal in the U.S., Dill says. He suggests physically searching the vehicle for tiny devices, but some are so small that a forensic expert might be needed. There are definitely products out there that are so well hidden that you would never know they existed. I’ve seen cameras in alarm clocks, wall clocks and soda cans. They’re so tiny, they could be just about anywhere,” says Wolf.*extortion through sex.Questions- Nowhere to HideAnswer the following questions according to section IntroductionComplete the following sentences. (8 pts)1a. Stuffed animals, smoke detectors and ceiling lights are examples of a)___________________________1b. Wolf claims cyberstalking is becoming dangerous among a) ________ because b)__________________________________________________________Answer the following questions according to section Who are the Stalkers2a. The author would AGREE /DISAGREE (choose one) with the following statement.Most people are stalked by strangers out to get attention.2b. Support your answer with a quote from the text. (8 pts)__________________________________________________________.3. In YOUR OWN WORDS describe the personality and behavior of a stalker.(8 pts)_____________________________________________________________.4. What three facts do the statistics indicate? (Do not include the statistics in your answer)i.______________________________________________ii.______________________________________________iii.______________________________________________ (12 pts)Answer the following questions according to section Stalking and the Law5. Choose ONE correct answer.We can understand from the statistics that:* Most offenders have been caught by the police.* Most victims complained that the police did nothing.* Usually the police take a report and caution the offender.* Only a small percentage of offenders were not arrested. (8 pts)6. Explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS what the author means by “With stalking, we’re where we were with domestic violence a few decades ago”___________________________________________________________________,._______________________________________________________________. (8 pts)Answer the following questions according to section Defining Stalking7. Complete the following flow chart.A._____________________________________________________.B.______________________________________________________.C “the number of convictions varies in different states.” (8 pts)8a. The following statement is TRUE/FALSE (choose one) (8 pts)Victims of cyberstalking generally suffer from other types of harassment.8b. Support your answer with a quote from the text.____________________________________________________________.Answer the following questions according to section Children and Stalkers9. Explain in YOUR OWN WORDS why smartphones are potentially dangerous for children. (DO NOT INCLUDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE TEXT.) (8 pts)______________________________________________________________,______________________________________________________________.10.Complete the following sentence.As a result of the rise in cases of cyberstalking and suicide among a) ____________ Robinson believes what is needed is b)______________________. (8 pts)Answer the following question according to section How to minimize Stalking11. Why is surveillance equipment currently available to most people today?_____________________________________________________________. (8 pts)Answer the following question according to the entire text.12. Write a short composition IN YOUR OWN WORDS of approximately 5 sentences explaining why cyberstalking is increasing. (8 pts)4

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Family Dynamics

I want each student to pick out a disorder that occurs in childhood.Make up a scenario of a child and their family (1 page)- Age of the child- Family Dynamics- Socioeconomic StatusWhat causes this disorder?Come up with two interventions to help treat the child.If untreated what would this disorder form into in adulthood?What resources would you need to provide?- Five Resouces for the child and their family.APA format 3-4 pages not including title and reference page.The disorders I have listed will be disorders we don’t write about in class.AnxietyAutismDepressionBED (Binge Eating disorder)Bulimia

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Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory

Discuss the main principles of Karl Marx’s conflict theory.  What is class conflict?  What are some examples of class conflict in the United States?  How do we see class conflict in societies around the world?   Source: Please utilized and reference the attached resources within the writings.   Format: 750 words in length, double-spaced, 12 font, Microsoft Word document. Please make sure you indent your paragraphs, double-space your paper, and include three sentences a paragraph.  Please include an introduction and conclusion.  Assignments should include a minimum of 2 references.  When you make reference to research material in your paper, you must use appropriate source citations as found in the APA Publication Manual.  Citing the book and author at the bottom of a posting is not enough.  We need to be able to decipher your thoughts from the material.  Consequently, please make sure to cite your textbook, cited examples from the Internet or scholarly sources from the library within the text in APA, and include your works cited at the end of the post in APA.

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Social Responsibility in Consumerism

You need to answer these questions briefly in 1 hour 30 minutesQuestion 1: The lecture raised a number of issues regarding social and environmental responsibility in the manufacturing of clothing. What measures can governments put in place to ensure that workers have safe working conditions and that the environmental impact of manufacturing is minimised? What obstacles are there in implementing solutions to these issues? How likely is it that working conditions and manufacturing processes will improve in the future?Question 2: ‘Ethical consumerism’ or ‘conscious consuming’ is a social movement based around the idea that people should be aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment and the health and well-being of the people involved in making those products. In what ways can an individual find out about the companies they are buying from? What measures can an individual take to force unethical companies to change? How effective is consumer pressure in affecting real change to company practices? Give examples of when consumer action has been successful or unsuccessful.

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