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In chapter 11, Schultz describes how people and organizations have considered sport as a human right. Reflect on how this way of thinking affects how we as a society should argue for advancements in opportunities for girls and women in sport. Pretend you are writing an opinion piece for a local newspaper about why your city should expand opportunities for girls and women in sport because it is a human right. Use and cite direct examples from the textbook to make your argument more persuasive.

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In Chapter 10 and the author interview (under Week 5), Schultz talks a lot about the future of girls and women in sport. She discusses the benefits and limitations of sport for girls and women across the world, and the ways in which it is still something for which many people fight. In this final activity, you should pick a topic of interest that you think will be important over the next 10 years for advocates of girls and women sport. This activity will ask you to consider this topic in relation to the major arguments that themes that you have read about throughout the course text. Task: Pick a topic. Your topic should be a cause or issue that you think will be more important for women’s sport advocates to focus on over the next 10 years. This could be a political, educational, health, or professional issue, or anything else related to the physical autonomy of girls and women throughout the world. Once you choose a topic, find two sources that discuss your topic. These can be popular sources (newspaper, magazine, or other online sources) or scholarly sources (academic journal articles or books). After reading and analyzing these sources, write a short essay that discusses this topic and argue for why it should be something that advocates of girls and women sport should focus on. Your essay should be about 2 pages (double spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font) plus bibliographic references (in APA format) at the end of your essay. ***For the strongest score, compare your findings to the Schultz’s findings and arguments in the course text.***

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