[Solved] Steve Jobs’ Chart

Pie charts are very useful for comparing values to each other in a data series. Pie charts have five elements that are common to most charts. You can select and format any chart element individually or you can apply a built-in style or chart layout to format all of these elements at once. In pie charts a common element is a data label, which is text associated with a data value and is added to the slices. The data labels are placed where they best fit in relation to the pie slices. – In a famous pie chart shared by Steve Jobs, he masterfully uses the exploded pie feature to highlight Apple’s market-share compared to the competitors (circa 2008).  Examine the photo of that chart Steve shared at a worldwide developers conference. What is problematic about what you see presented? What could you do to improve on visualizing the data using charting techniques?  (10 points) – Also, if you could have a conversation with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why? (5 points) – Reply to at least two (2) classmates to share observations and experiences. (10 points)

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