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The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the organization you chose in the Week 1 discussion, “Key Components of an Information System as Related to the Cyber Domain,” is looking for more information on the cyber domain in hopes of determining the organization’s cybersecurity needs. As a cybersecurity consultant, you believe you can provide the CIO with the information he needs. Using Microsoft® Word, write a 1- to 2-page communication to the CIO of the organization. Provide an overview of the following in your letter: – A definition of the cyber domain and its key components or aspects. The cyber domain encompasses cybersecurity, a discipline that involves the following: – Securing computer information, communications systems, networks, infrastructures, assets – Protecting them against damage, unauthorized use, modification, exploitation – The components of an information system, elaborating on the similarities to the cyber domain – An approach to implementing information security for the organization you chose and how that approach could be expanded to the larger cyber domain – The systems development life cycle compared to the cyber domain life cycle – The components of the threat environment for the organization you chose, including an argument that a threat to the organization is also a threat to the larger domain

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Technological Issue | Instant Homework Help

Disscussion 1 Describe an event directly influenced by technology that either you or someone around you has experienced. What did you take away and how did it enhance your understanding of technology’s role? Share a current technological issue that you have found interesting or that has personally impacted you. Post an article from a news source. How does technology help you better understand the issue? Discussion 2 Compare and contrast the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the S&P 500. Decide which one you think is a better barometer for a market portfolio based on one of the following portfolio objectives: Growth Income Capital preservation In your responses to your classmates, select a different market benchmark (not the DJIA or the S&P 500) that could suit the portfolio objective chosen by your classmate. Justify your answer.

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Critical Analysis Portfolio and Presentation Proposal | Instant Homework Help

For this first milestone, you will select an issue or topic in technology to analyze through the four general education lenses, as well as its relationship to culture and society. Once you submit this Milestone One assignment, be sure to wait until your instructor has graded it and has approved your issue or topic before starting on the remaining Milestones for the project.

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Impact On Future | Instant Homework Help

Write an essay on the following topic: 1. Blockchain: Describe which blockchain use cases, in your opinion, will be emerging in the future, and what effect they will have on our lives, economy, and the world Make sure your essay is original and not published anywhere. File extension: doc, docx, pdf Minimum words: 500

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Scripts and Command Line | Instant Homework Help

Administering an operating system requires an understanding of the operating system itself and the tools available to manage it. Administrators need to create schedules for ensuring the system is secured and data are protected. The following resource may be useful as you research and prepare for this assignment: The Linux System Administrator’s Guide You have been engaged to write a manual for managing a Linux environment. This task requires the following to be addressed: Define the necessary components and functions of a Linux operating system. Discuss 3 mechanisms that are available to secure a computer system, whether it is Windows or Linux. List 5 common Linux distributions that are popular today, and explain why they are popular (there are over 600 Linux distributions available). Choose 1 of the distributions, and select 1 of the available shells to research in more detail. Working with the distribution and associated shell that you selected above, review the list of shell commands. Identify and explain how to use the shell commands to accomplish the following: Change the directory or folder Check disk file system Manage the printer Stop a process Partition and format a disk Manage user accounts Provide a suggestion for using certain shell commands to automatically complete another system administrative task. Discuss your thoughts about the challenges associated with managing and administering an environment that includes different operating systems.

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education and cybersecurity awareness | Instant Homework Help

For this writing assignment, refer to Chapter 2 and the required reading article from “Additional Resources” section in Module 2, titled, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating an Effective Cyber Security Workforce. Book ISBN: 978-1-4302-6082-0 Writing Guidelines: For this writing assignment, I want you to focus on the education of the workforce. The article required for this module will help you develop your thoughts on the role of security awareness and education on ensuring the enterprise defense program is robust. The Venn Diagram in the picture can help you decide how the “people” portion of the security illustration does cross over into the process and technology areas. You may want to touch on these aspects as well in your paper. The main question I want you to write about in your assignment is “How can the role of education and cybersecurity awareness help meet the cybersecurity challenges being levied on organizations and enterprises today?” The paper should be between 2-4 pages in length. Double spaced and Times New Roman, 12-pt. If you use any other articles or reference material besides the textbook and the article provided, ensure you use the APA style to cite your resources. Resources: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating an Effective Cyber Security Workforce Article: (Links to an external site.) Writing Center: to an external site. APA Style Guide: (Links to an external site.)

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Making An Impact | Instant Homework Help

Write an essay on the following topic: “Describe the importance of your major and how you plan to use it to make an impact” Provide clear details, demonstrate creativity, appropriately cite sources (if necessary), and express personal thoughts and opinions. Include a clear thesis and supporting arguments. File extension: doc, docx, pdf Minimum words: 1000 Maximum words: 1250 my major: information Technology – Cybersecurity

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Personal health record evaluation report | Instant Homework Help

Report: PHR evaluation (individual assignment, 50 points) We learned Personal Health Records (PHR) in chapter 3. In this assignment, you need to evaluate a PHR at WebMD ( by creating an account, entering your own health records (Can be made up), and writing a report. Your report needs to 1. (1) Provide a summary of major functionalities of WebMD PHR and comment on the usability of those functionalities (0.5 to 1 page). 2. (2) Identify three aspects in which a PHR could benefit patients and improve the quality of care. (Please use examples from WebMD PHR and include screenshots to support your argument.) To protect your privacy, you don’t need to enter real data before taking a screenshot (1 to 2 pages, screenshot included). 3) Despite the benefits of PHR and its potential to transform health care delivery, the adoption rate of PHR is still low and some PHR products/services were not successful. For example, Google and Microsoft have shut down their PHR products ( and Based on your experience of using WebMD PHR, please make recommendations on how PHR could be further improved to attract more users and have a broader impact (0.5 to 1 page). Formats •2-3 pages in length (single spaced, 12 font); references list is excluded from the page count. •

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Retrospective Inventory | Instant Homework Help

RETROSPECTIVE INVENTORY 1. Briefly describe those events in your life which you remember with great satisfaction. Indicate why it was so satisfying. Please put your age or time span at the time of each event in the parenthesis at the beginning of each description. Strive for at least 10; you may go beyond that number if you wish. 2. When you have completed numbers one and two of the inventory, go back and place a check mark beside events in number one and the five events in number two which in your opinion are most important. Write the number of each event and describe in greater detail, using a separate sheet of paper for each and attach them to this document. 3. Describe as many events as you can remember when someone who was perceived to be your “enemy” was somehow reconciled to you. List each event on a separate sheet of paper and attach them to this document. 4. What lenses do you view the world through? (Lenses are our ethnicity, race, culture, sex, and etc.) 5. List five experiences you want to have before you die. Given what you know about yourself, project a timeline for their accomplishment. 6. Write an obituary for yourself, summarizing your life to the point of death. 7. Briefly describe those events in your life which you remember that have been peak or life changing experiences. Indicate they were so life changing. Please put your age or time span at the time of each event in the parenthesis at the beginning of each description. Strive for at least 10; you may go beyond that number if you wish. 8. The Philosopher Rene DeCartes said “I think I am, therefore, I am.” Using this philosophical thought…” WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” 9. What is your philosophy.

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The use of social media webpages and applications | Instant Homework Help

Instructions Hosting a Meeting You have just been asked by your employer, ABC Inc., to host a meeting on the use of social media webpages and applications (apps). Your employer has given you the details below regarding your meeting. Your meeting will cover various social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You will have 20 attendees, all of whom will be remote and have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection. You will also have a computer with reliable Internet access. For this mini project, you will create a plan for this meeting. Explain the various points listed below: the platform you chose for this meeting (e.g., Adobe Connect, Skype, GoToMeeting) and the reasons why; the ways you will keep all of your attendees engaged, despite their being remote; the visual aids you will use and the reasons why; and the potential problems that could arise and how you would deal with them. Your meeting plan should be a minimum of two pages in length. Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment

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