[CUSTOM SOLUTION] art and politics

The artistic examples I have chosen are (Ngugi Wa Thiong’o_ inspiration from his book decolonising the mind)
Selina Thompson – Salt and just in case Bella Hooks

Sep 7th, 2021


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-times new roman font  -12 inch  criticize in two pages one of this plays , this are the plays you can pick which ever one is easier  Cabaret. Little Shop of Horrors Rent. Legally Blond. Endgame. Macbeth Prt 1. Macbeth Prt 2. Hairspray. Alice in  Wonderland. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Jul 8th, 2021


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This play its called All my Sons -Arthur miller (Digital Theatre) Using paper space to write your experience arriving at the theatre, historical research on the play, the weather the day of the play, how cold it was in the theatre, or other extraneous information will lower your grade. Additionally, an overlong introductory and/or concluding paragraph, or a re-telling of the plot/story will lower your grade. DO NOT GIVE ME A SUMMARY. My grade doesn’t depend on if you liked or disliked the production. it will be graded on the depth of my observation and on how well you communicate and support your opinions. What is most important in this critique is that in your explanation of the performance, you communicate WHY you have the opinion you do about a certain production element. To say: “The acting stunk” is not acceptable. Explain to me WHY you think the acting stunk, or the set was great, or the sound design didn’t work. Lack of well-thought out and articulated explanations will lower your grade. Here are some other ideas you could write about AS WELL AS telling me about your observations in relation to what you have learned from your chapter readings: What was the theme of the play? Did you agree with the play’s message? Why or why not? Who are the protagonist and antagonist and what are their motivations/goals (OBJECTIVES) in the play? Did their objectives make sense to you given the theme   of the play? Why or why not? How did you know their objective? What actions did you see them take to fulfill their objective? Who was the best actor? Why? Who was the worst actor? Why? How did the play’s set contribute to your understanding of the play’s story, characters and theme? Did the play’s set help or hinder your understanding of story, characters, and theme? Explain your answer. How did the theater space (proscenium, 3?4, theater-in-the-round, etc) and size of the theater contribute to your experience of watching the play? Did the theater space help or hinder your understanding of the story and characters, as well as your connection to the play? Explain your answer. How did the play’s costumes contribute to your understanding of the play’s story, characters and theme? Did the play’s costumes help or hinder your understanding of story, characters, and theme? Explain your answer. How did the play’s lighting contribute to your understanding of the play’s story, characters and theme? Did the play’s costumes help or hinder your understanding of story, characters, and theme? Explain your answer. How did the play’s sound/score contribute to your understanding of the play’s story, characters and theme? Did the play’s sound/score help or hinder your understanding of story, characters, and theme? Explain your answer.

Jul 7th, 2021


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To provide students the opportunity to research a career of interest in the theatre arts. Process: Students shall: 1. Review the appropriate chapters of the textbook to investigate various theatre careers. 2. Conduct online research to assimilate necessary information about a career in the theatre. Tool for Assessment: Students shall: 1. Assemble various forms of data, research, and testimonies exploring the career. 2. Construct a research paper between 500 – 750 words investigating the theatre career of their choice. 3. The research paper shall have a minimum of 5 sources which include: information found in the course textbook, data / information located through research conducted using the TCC library database. Websites may not be used for this assignment. Additionally, the textbook MAY be used for this assignment. Content of Assessment: The content of the research paper should include, but not be limited to: 1. Avenues utilized to pursue a career in the students’ chosen field (degrees, ancillary classes, headshots, website, reels, portfolios) 2. Unions and or professional organizations which support the field. 3. Salaries, benefit packages, and elements involving standard of living. 4. Entry level opportunities and opportunities for professional advancement. 5. Creative and / or administrative elements involved in the specific career. Areas for investigation include, but are not limited to: 1. Administration (executive, managing, artistic) 2. Director 3. Actor / Singer / Dancer / Performer 4. Choreographer 5. Stage Manager 6. Designers (lighting, scenic, costume, sound, makeup) 7. Publicity / Public Relations / Marketing 8. Dramaturgy

Jul 4th, 2021


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Please read the playwright monologue and please follow the instructions for this assignment. Answer number 1-4 Also answer 1 and 2 1. What do you think is the most important difference between the External and Internal methods of acting? 2. What is an objective in the term of theatre? Who uses this word and what does it refer to?

Jun 16th, 2021


Mike Birbiglia: The New One | Instant Homework Help

Production Response: Recorded Performance on Mike Birbiglia: The New One (2019, Broadway) on Netflix.You should begin writing your paper only AFTER you have watched a recorded performance from Mike Birbiglia: The New One (2019, Broadway) PLEASE REVIEW FILE OF “How to Write Prod Response” as the instructions of this paper RUBRIC: Structure: An organized, easy to read paper. Ideas are separated out neatly into separate paragraphs, each with a clear and descriptive topic sentence. A strong thesis with clearly articulated evidence. Introduction contains all the pertinent info, with the thesis placed at the end. No new information in the conclusion. A “professional” looking paper. Form: Minimal to no errors. The style of writing is sophisticated and college-level. Ideas are vividly described. Only a minimal amount of plot descriptions are made, leaving the bulk of the paper to evidence supporting the thesis. Content: Student understands how to form opinions about a performance that he/she has seen, and how to evaluate the quality of a production. Student demonstrates an ability to base his/her opinion off of evidence from within the show, and how to express that argument in writing

May 31st, 2021


Hodge Analysis Essay  | Instant Homework Help

I. Given Circumstances A. Environmental facts 1. Geographical location, including climate 2. Date: year, season, time of day 3. Economic environment 4. Political environment 5. Social environment 6. Religious environment B. Previous Action — underline all lines that refer to incidents that happened prior to the start of the play C. Polar Attitudes — the attitudes of the principal character as they are at the start of the play II. Dialogue A. Choice of words — everyday or formal? long or short? B. Choice of phrases and sentence structure C. Choice of images — does the character use images which evoke emotion? visuals? D. Choice of peculiar characteristics — dialect? E. The sound of the dialogue — does the character use “hard” sounding words or soft sounding? F. Structure of lines and speeches — how does it support the delivery of the subtext? III. Dramatic Action Break down the play into workable units of action. Sometimes you can find a break where an entrance or exit occurs, while at other times it is a change in subject. A one-act play typically has between 6-15 units, but not always. A. Title the unites — number the units in the scene or play and give a nominative phrase as a title for each unit B. Verbing — express the action of each line (speech) by using the initial of each character followed by a present tense verb. Example: N pleads C. Summary of the Action — summarizes the action of each unit by following the number of the unit with a compound sentence expressing the reciprocal action. Example: A (present tense verb)to B and B (present tense verb) to A. IV. Characters Treat each character under the following headings: A. Desire — what do they want most? B. Will — relative strength for obtaining the above C. Moral Stance — values, honesty, moral code D. Decorum — describe the physical appearance E. Summary Adjectives — summarize all of the categories above using only F. Initial Character-mood-intensity at the scene opening expressed by: 1. Heartbeat: rate 2. Perspiration: heavy, light, etc. 3. Stomach condition 4. Muscle tension 5. Breathing: rate, depth V. Ideas adjectives A. Meaning of the title — what is the core meaning, or what is the play saying? Often an idea is expressed through a feeling — what lies subliminally beneath the feeling? B. Philosophical statements in the play — cite actual quotations found in the script. Pinpoint the line(s) that make direct reference to your interpretation of it’s meaning. C. Implications of the action — given circumstances and dramatic action, help unfold characters until the summit, or idea, is reached. Determine how the characters’ actions propel the play to the climax and ending. Consider how these actions are played in relationship to what idea or conclusion you wish the audience to reach. D. Consider each scene — determine the purpose of each scene in the play. What idea is it trying to convey? How does it help the the overall idea? VI. Tempo Look back on each unit you have created within the play and designate a rate of speed to it, e.g.: slow, medium, fast…Graph (like a seismograph) the tempo of each unit. This way when you begin at rehearsal at unit 4, you will rehearse the scene at the correct tempo. VII. Moods After each unit, express the mood of the unit using an adjective

May 28th, 2021

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