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Within this option, you have the opportunity to choose one of the three following topics among tourism industry’s impact in a country (USA, Turkey, Jamaica etc.), a series of countries or places (countries in the Mediterranean region, Caribbean or South Eastern region of the USA including the SC) and write a minimum of eight (8) pages professional paper for your final term project. The idea is to draw parallels, similarities or differences of associated impacts in more than one place. Recognize that your final project will be worth 25 % of the total grade for the course! The projects are to be completed individually (no group work required in this course).  Choose either one or all of the following three topics.    1. Comparative Analysis of Tourism’s Environmental Impacts–ecological impacts (on balance of life and natural resources).  You could even compare different communities and countries in terms of impacts.    2. Comparative Analysis of Sociological and/or cultural impact of tourism on communities.    3.     Comparative Analysis of Tourism’s economic feasibility and economic impacts on communities.    To correctly do this project, you will have to read and synthesize literature on tourism’s social, cultural or environmental impacts using established social science journals. Note: if you wish you can compare all impacts at the same time, but it is not a must. If it is easier for you to talk about only one group of impacts, do so.  However, you will notice when researchers talk about impacts they tend to mix them. We expect at least 10 to 12 refereed tourism papers in your references from social science tourism journals like the Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Tourism Analysis, and Journal of Sustainable Tourism.  If for some reason you cannot find tourism impact studies done/published related to your site/country, still evaluate the site you have chosen in relation to the readings you have done. For example, if you cannot find a social impact study done about Germany, you may choose to read/synthesize social impact studies done elsewhere in Austria/Switzerland but draw parallels, comparisons and conclusions regarding your choice of the country. Internet papers from mills are not accepted. All papers must come from Professional Scientific Journals listed above.

Jul 7th, 2021


Dealing with Negative Reviews | Instant Homework Help

Students will take on the role of manager and discuss how they would deal with a flurry of negative reviews.You are a manager in a hotel and recently have seen several negative reviews posted on popular travel websites about your hotel. The reviews have complained about unprofessional service staff, unreliable wi-fi, and dissatisfaction with the free breakfast.How should you respond to these reviews?For each passing year, online reviews help business growing more and more. In term of 93% customers said these reviews impacted on their decisions (Podium n.d). However, not all the review is being fair enough to the business, some might cause our business to troubles. Many of the travel website such as TripAdvisor have the aware on malicious and negatives reviews tool. It helps us as a moderator check if the reviewers are verified or clone accounts. Be timely, before taking any reply back to the guest, I would make it clear and be calm enough to not saying anything make me regret later. In the prompt manner, I will get back on them without 24 hours, it shows that I truly care and listen on what they say. I concern on their matter. Honestly, it will be weird to say thank you for those negative comments, but it should be help out calming the other readers whom concern about the issue at that same time, a sweetly thanks will sufficient against any more arguments in online. Deeply take my words to apologies about their bad experience, I would explain that I feel sorry for what they had in the trips. Offer a solution by asking them brings it offline, we will reach them out by direct call on private email will surely work.Should you respond at all? Why or why not?Stangl and Regler (2016) shows that the majority firm will get in touch with the authors or reviewers of these negative feedback directly on online platform. Although it is freaking frustrating for us to see these negative comments on social media, somehow, we can turn them to the perfect opportunity. We don’t have to response every negative comment but staying engage shows the authors we are are all ears to their mattersWhat actions should you take after seeing these reviews?First of all, ensure those reviews are not scam or clone, as a moderator of the site we have to report to TripAdvisor whenever it malicious people try to do ruin our business face. Then, taking role as a manager, I will have to double check the case and guarantee it happened in the hotel. Next, make it a good way for both of us have a direct conversation. Reference:Podium n.d, State of Online Reviews,, viewed on 16 July 202, B and Regler, B 2016, “Monitoring Web 2.0 – User Generated Content in the Hospitality Industry”. Travel and Tourism Research Association: Advancing Tourism Research Globally. 28

Jul 4th, 2021


Technology Issues in HTM | Instant Homework Help

Case Study Notes: HTM 340 – Technology Issues in HTM Chapter 02 – Assignment 03 Julie is the assistant general manager for a local independent hotel. She was recently hired due to her technological expertise. The owners of the hotel wished to increase their property’s network security. Other hotels in the area were the victims of security breaches, and the owners feared that they would be next. Julie knew from her training and past experience that what was needed first was a situational analysis to find points of vulnerability. She wanted to handle the major problem spots first before she dug into the more technical matters and relatively quickly identified some potential hazards. She compiled a list of the first ten vulnerable points she encountered and turned it over to the owners that morning. Vulnerabilities include: 1. Front desk staff is giving out too much information over the telephone 2. The room holding the network servers is unlocked 3. The computer system does not require users to change their passwords often enough 4. Both guests and employees use the same network 5. Employee and guest smartphones can access the hotel’s wireless network 6. Firewall software requires manual updates 7. No employee network policy currently exists 8. Software installation is allowed on all computers 9. Business center computers do not require passwords 10. She was able to access the hotel’s wireless from across the street After receiving the list, the owners told Julie that a competing hotel a couple of blocks away just had their network hacked and were unsure of the damage. Since this was the fifth hotel in their area to be breached this week, they were worried that they might be next. They wanted her to act fast. Julie was by no means done with her audit and was sure that she would find many more points of vulnerability, but she believed that these were most of the “big ones.” She knew that network security was both an art and a science, but she needed to start somewhere to secure the operation. Learning Activity Questions: 1. What should Julie do first, and why should she do this first? 2. List in order your next nine priorities (plan of attack) and justify your answers. 3. What other possible vulnerable points exist for the hotel? You may refer to the hotel industry as a whole when answering this last question.

Jul 3rd, 2021


Whistler Alpine Guides Bureau | Instant Homework Help

Whistler Alpine Guides Bureau, Does the recreation provider have an internal and external policy? Provide details, Research and identify the elements of the following policies: a) Personnel policy, b) Facility and Equipment Management policy, c) Fire and other Emergency Management policy, d) Customer service policy, Just need these parts to cover

Jul 2nd, 2021


Dissonant or Consented Heritage | Instant Homework Help

You must find such a site in your own country and write a critical essay in which you reflect upon its contested or dissonant nature. The site must be linked to a very sensitive topic or historical period/event which makes it contested by at least two different groups. Focusing on the site interpretation, you must select three important aspects which make it contested or dissonant. For each of the three aspects you must provide the official perspective as well as the contrasting perspective(s) of the alternative/opposing group(s). The complete absence of references or discussions on a topic on one of the two sides can, in itself, be one of the two perspectives you are bringing into the discussion.

Jul 1st, 2021


Structure of the Dissertation | Instant Homework Help

I am in a private master of science in Romania. I need a disseratation according to harvard rules and referencing. The structure of the dissertation must be: ch 1 introduction, ch 2 literature review, ch 3 methodology, ch 4- analysis of primary research, ch 5 conclusions. As well we need actual data to prove what the primary data says.

Jun 29th, 2021


Effects of Local Tourism | Instant Homework Help

How does tourism affect local residents/communities?

Jun 17th, 2021


Critical Essay | Instant Homework Help

write a critical essay in which you reflect upon its contested or dissonant nature. The site must be linked to a very sensitive topic or historical period/event which makes it contested by at least two different groups. Focusing on the site interpretation, you must select three important aspects which make it contested or dissonant. For each of the three aspects you must provide the official perspective as well as the contrasting perspective(s) of the alternative/opposing group(s). The complete absence of references or discussions on a topic on one of the two sides can, in itself, be one of the two perspectives you are bringing into the discussion. For example, one investigating the dissonant nature of the

Jun 15th, 2021


Informative Speech – – Moosehead Lake Maine | Instant Homework Help

For your informative speech, you must use one of three types described in the Chapter 13 Power Point, which are: Object, Event, and Concept. **You may NOT choose a Process speech for this assignment.** For this second graded speech, emphasis will be placed on Delivery, Preparation and Appearance and Content Organization. However, you should pay attention to all five categories of public speaking on the evaluation rubric. Failure to stay within the time minimum/maximum will result is an automatic loss of one letter grade. (In real speech contexts, speakers will be asked to stop speaking when their time is up.) Topic The success of your first speech will be dependent on the quality of your topic and the information presented. The following are examples of topics used in the past. Please do not choose one of them: Object (includes person, place, thing): Hawaii. NH White Mountains. NFL football helmet. LL Bean boot. Instagram. Event: Pope Francis visits the US. The Olympics. The Super Bowl. Concept: Bitcoin currency. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Capitalism. Free speech. Remember: This is NOT a persuasive speech and I would encourage you to avoid topics that are controversial to remain objective in your delivery. If you use any information from a credible source (book, website, etc.), please give verbal attribution to those sources in your speech (e.g. “According to X,” or “X states”). You must also list your references in the comments section when you submit your informative speech. Please avoid sources that lack credibility such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and websites.

Jun 15th, 2021


Tourism Analysis and Evaluation Industry Research Report | Instant Homework Help

I need to get a good score for this article. If you do a good job, I will give you extra money as a reward and rebook you to write another article My chosen area is the Gold Coast I’ll give you all the data on the Gold Coast You must draw the table as required. Your report should comprise the following sections. An indication of how marks will be allocated between these sections is also provided: 1. Introduction to the tourism destination/region (i.e. the location; key tourism features/attractions and organisations involved in managing tourism.) – 10 marks 2. Tourism Supply: Present a longitudinal analysis of data to show trends in the supply of (a) accommodation; and (b) transportation. Draw conclusions from the analysis about accommodation and transport supply in the region. – 15 marks 3. Tourism Demand: Present a longitudinal analysis of data for (a) visitor nights and (b) accommodation occupancy rates. Draw conclusions from the analysis about visitor demand. – 15 marks 4. Current Visitor Profile: Provide an overview of visitor characteristics using Tourism Research Australia data. – 15 marks This visitor profile should include a section about international visitors and a section about domestic visitors. The following data should be presented for each of these: a) Estimated number of visitors and visitor nights. You should also calculate the average length of stay (i.e. average number of nights spent in region); b) Visitor Demographics including the origin of visitors, Gender and Life Cycle; and c) Activities visitors participated in during their trip. 5. Impacts of Tourism: Summarise the economic, social, and environmental impacts of tourism in the region. There are a variety of sources you can use to obtain this information including academic journal articles, news articles, industry reports, visitor reviews and photos/images of the destination. You should also describe how these impacts have been measured, based on the research resources you use to compile these impacts. – 15 marks 6. Identify the key challenges facing the tourism industry in this region and propose two (2) clear research questions which you feel the destination needs to find answers to address these challenges. Note that Part 2 of the Industry report (due in Week 12) requires you to present a plan for how the destination should undertake research to address one of these research questions. – 10 marks

May 27th, 2021

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