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800 words essay about philosophical trading

Jun 29th, 2021


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International Business Plan – IMPORT Term Project Submit: a) PowerPoint Presentation (at least 10 slides) and b) 4 page typed paper ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1 -Introduction: · Describe your a) company, b) project plan, c) position (title) in the company, etc. Make up a company name; do not use the name of an existing company. 2 – Product Description: · List specific details about your product: i.e., color, size, components that it is made from, etc. · Submit a visual representation of your product · Advise on a) the volume (quantity) that you will import and b) cost from supplier · Provide the product’s a) HTSUS and b) Import Duty Rate · Describe the U.S. requirements/restrictions (if any) on importing the product from your selected country. 3 – Country of Product’s Manufacture: · Provide information about why you decided to import from that country: i.e., inexpensive labor, special U.S. duty rates for your specific product, etc. · Describe the a) political, b) economic and c) cultural aspects of the country 4 – Customer/target market Description: · Briefly list their a) demographics and b) psychographics · Briefly discuss your Advertising/Marketing Plans to capture this market 5 – Selected Customs Broker: · Summarize their history · Amount of years in business · Their specialization (i.e., if you’re importing footwear, don’t select a broker who specializes in food) · Number of employees, etc. · What is the approximate cost you expect them to charge you? 6 – Selected Freight Forwarder: · Summarize their history: i.e., a) amount of years in business, b) specialization, c) number of employees, etc. · What is the approximate cost you expect them to charge you? 7 – Creation of Import Documentation: · a) Commercial Invoice and b) Import Entry 8 – Profit: · Discuss how much profit do you expect to make: (i.e., cost from supplier x quantity x U.S. duty rate + FF cost of transportation + Customs Broker cost to clear your goods + marketing expenses – your sales price = estimated profit) 9 – Conclusion: · Recap of your Business Plan, highlighting the main issues

Jun 14th, 2021

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