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Question 1:Mass disasters are one of the most challenging crime scenes to work. These scenes involve organization, teamwork, and critical thinking in order to set-up triage for the wounded and a forensic team to assist in identifying the deceased quickly and efficiently before valuable forensic evidence is destroyed by the elements.For this week’s forum, research a mass disaster and provide a detailed discussion regarding how emergency services were conducted and how the deceased were identified. What were the major challenges?Question 2:Police are called to a residence in which an infant is non-responsive. EMTs arrived at the scene and tried to resuscitate the child to no avail. The parents explained that the infant had been on a changing table, when he rolled off, failing head first onto the tile floor. The father stated that he stepped away just for a second to retrieve a new box of diaper. The mother stated that she was in another room and came running when she heard the impact. The parents further explained that the infant did not cry or make any noises after the impact, hence they called for paramedics. The distance from the top of the changing table to the floor was approximately 3 feet. Both parents denied any child abuse and stated that they deeply loved their child. During autopsy it was found that the infant had white matter contusion tears. The infant died as a result of a subdural hematoma and DAI (diffuse axonal injury). There was a contusion on front of the skull, galeal, and a linear skull fracture. Absent during the autopsy was an evidence of subarachnoid hemorrhages, retinal hemorrhages, neck injuries, or any other injuries. One interesting observation was that the child has a case of meningitis.Was the child a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome? Explain your rationale using the assigned readings as well as and external research.

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I need to write a report on the fashion industry, specifically the type of informations buyers need to become expert in their industry. The report should cover the following topic 1. Market Dates and delivery time line for the upcoming year 2. Market and trade show locations 3. Characteristics of the industry 4. Typical terms of purchase 5. Lead time on both domestic and foreign goods 6. Standard manufacturer return-to-vendor (RTV) policies and vendor merchandise exchange policies 7. Cooperative advertising agreements (bill enclosures, magazine, etc.) 8. Perry’s position on off-price and promotional merchandise 9. Fashion trends in : a. Classifications b. Subclassifications c. Colors d. Fabrications/Material 10. Major Vendors for each classification 11. Market Trends (imports, licensed characters, and so forth) Appendix A&B are some sources of industry information.

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Writing Product | Instant Homework Help

Part One While Caffarella and Barnett (2000) indicate that critique is the most influential element in helping learners produce a better writing product, critique can be an emotional event. Cameron, Nairn, and Higgins (2009) note that it proved helpful in their workshops to discuss the emotions that emerged as students prepared to give and receive feedback. What is the role of critique in the development of a researcher and scholar? In what ways can it positively contribute to a learner’s academic success? In what ways can it have a negative effect? (250 words) Part Two How do the voice and tone of doctoral writing differ from the voice and tone of writing at other academic levels? Explain your view. What are some ways that voice and tone can enhance the scholarly image of your writing? Explain. (This response does not require research support.) (250 words)

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A speech that requires you to attempt to convince the audience to change a belief or behavior by arguing a controversial claim. This will require significant outside research. Answers the question: “What belief or issue do I hold firmly and credibly to so I may fashion arguments to convince a diverse audience to believe, feel, or act similarly?” (7 minutes) For examples search YouTube for “Why Eat Breakfast Every Day” “Sample Persuasive Speech by COM212SNHU” (Special Olympics) “Persuasive Speech on Being a Hero”

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To complete this assignment, follow the steps below: Read the case assigned for analysis. Answer the questions provided for the assignment. Respond to one other students’ answer. Case Study Assignment 3 The case to be analyzed in this assignment is “Geeks to the Rescue”. You can find the case on page 355 of the textbook. After reading the case please answer the following questions: Do you think a geek squad could work in highly socially sensitive areas like policing or protective services for families and children? Why? Why not? What do you think of the idea—now being championed in some government units-of putting large data sets up for analysis by anyone (inside or outside the organization) and offering prizes for the best solution? Do you think governments should resort to prize incentives to find solutions for public problems? Why? Why not? Do you think this data should be made available to everyone? Why? Why not? Research your local government and find out if they have a similar program to MODA. Has it been effective in resolving public issues? Explain. If you can not find anything in your local government expand your research to include other local governments throughout the US. The original answer to the case study questions should be around 500 words total. Please be coherent and avoid repetition. Keep your answers clear and to the point. The comments to your fellow students should be around 200 words each. These comments should discuss the answers, not the authors. They should add something to the discussion and/ or provide constructive criticism. Comments that simply agree with other students’ responses without an argument to back up the agreement will not be read or graded. Please include in-text citations and references in APA style. For this assignment, you can use the textbook a source of information. Other sources are encouraged.

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Integrate Course Concepts | Instant Homework Help

For the term paper, you are required to pick a current economic topic that relates to the material we have covered or will cover in this course. You will research and find an article that covers the topic you have chosen. You can use an article online or offline from any reputable source. You will write up a review of the article and integrate course concepts into your review. Please make sure you both summarize the article and discuss how it relates to the course.

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Future Military Sorority | Instant Homework Help

One (full ) page essay detailing how I intend to help honor our Past, Uniting our Present & Mentoring our Future Military sorority.It has to be typed double-spaced with 1″ margins on all sides; 12pt Times New Roman or Arial.I am a retired US Army Veteran.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Management | Instant Homework Help

NOTE: – This assignment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics Management. There are Two tasks given below, and each task relates to an aspect of Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Task 1 and Task 2 are written answers. You will be required to attempt all tasks. It is expected that a participant writes a minimum of 3000 words for Task 1 report and a minimum of 1000 words for Task 2. However, some questions might require more detailed answers You must support your answers with evidence from acknowledged academic sources. Personal experiences can also be used to illustrate the application of a topic/theory, but the participants must still provide evidence from acknowledged sources to support their answers. The sessions and activities conducted during classes are not the only sources of information. You are encouraged to draw on as many appropriate sources as you can. The more you engage with the literature of the topic, the better the likelihood of achieving a higher grade/ award. Assignment Task 1: Report (50 marks) Case study on Starbucks Starbucks is pretty much a household name, but like many of the most successful worldwide brands, the coffee-shop giant has been through its periods of supply chain pain. In fact, during 2007 and 2008, Starbucks leadership began to have severe doubts about the company’s ability to supply its 16,700 outlets. As in most commercial sectors at that time, sales were falling. At the same time, though, supply chain costs rose by more than $75 million. Supply Chain Cost Reduction Challenges: When the supply chain executive team began investigating the rising costs and supply chain performance issues, they found that service was indeed falling short of expectations. Findings included the problems such as fewer than 50% of outlet deliveries were arriving on time, several poor outsourcing decisions had led to excessive 3PL expenses and the supply chain had, (like those of many global organisations) evolved, rather than grown by design, and had hence become unnecessarily complex. Further reference for this case study: – • Logistics Bureau • Starbucks Global Supply chain Based on the given case study of Starbucks and their Supply chain challenges, learners are asked to prepare a report by answering the following questions: – a. Provide a brief introduction on the Starbucks Global Supply chain and the role of supply chain function in the context of a Multinational Company such as Starbucks. (8 marks) b. Develop a 10-point plan that will ensure that the supply chain function and its strategies remain relevant to Starbuck’s organizational objectives in future. (12 marks) c. Discuss 3 Supply chain management strategies that are likely to aid Starbucks in achieving its goals. (10 marks) d. Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies used by Starbucks to maintain supplier relationships and analyse the Information Technology used by Starbucks to create strategies in developing relationships with suppliers. (10 marks) e. Conclude your report by providing adequate recommendations as a result of your above analysis done on Starbucks supply chain. (5 marks) f. Harvard Referencing and Citations (5 marks) Assignment Task 2: Shipping Scenario (25 marks) BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Power Plant International is scheduled to import a GT 6 Bladed Rotor. Exported in April 10th 2019, it is now ready for importation and installation at the power plant. Timely arrival is critical since the non-availability of the unit is costing the company 1 million US dollar penalties per day. The unit is scheduled for installation on November 1st 2019. MOVEMENT SCHEDULE 1 Pickup and inland – 1 day 2 Sailing – circa 15 days 3 Local clearance and delivery – 2 days VESSEL ROUTINGS 1 Houston / Port of Guaira / PTL POTENTIAL LOGISTICS CHALLENGES AHEAD 1 – At the Houston port, delays in loading cargo may arise 2 – The vessel is being shipped in the hurricane season and stormy weather is anticipated on the day of loading 2 – Offloading from the vessel at Point Lisas port 3 – Possibility of damage at Houston port 4 – The agent or supplier not following proper lifting protocol 5 – Sea blast during inclement weather 6 – Industrial unrest at the Port of Guaira 7 – Unsuitable incoterms for the shipment 8 – Injury of workmen causing delay in loading 9 – Poor choice of shipper leading to damaged ship and incompetent crew 10 – Berthing delay due to rough seas Freight forwarder’s plan: 1. Collect cargo on the 10 of October. 2. Deliver to Houston port on the 14th October 3. Load on the ship on the afternoon of the 16th October 4. Arrive at port in Venezuela on the 25th October 5. Deliver to port of Point Lisas on the 28th October a. Develop and discuss a risk assessment plan for the foreseeable challenges ahead. Consideration must be given to the choice of incoterms and transport mode applied in your review. All other considerations can be explored in the shipping of the cargo. A risk assessment template will be provided for this activity, which MUST be followed. (10 marks) b. Learners must also develop a plan B, which must be well defined, in the event that the shipment does not go according to plan.(6 marks) c. Describe the necessary shipping documents that are needed for clearance of cargo at the port. (3 marks) d. Discuss the various payment options that the client can explore, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages to both the shipper and the importer (client) (6 marks)

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American Identity | Instant Homework Help

Topic: Benjamin Franklin highlights a key difference between Americans and Europeans with his statement in “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America”: “People do not inquire . . . What is he? But What does he do?” Write an essay reflecting on one or more of the following: -What core European beliefs did Americans reject, and how did this rejection of European identity influence the shaping of American identity? What has been the global impact of America’s unique identity? -Consider today’s societal and cultural obsession with identity politics. More weight seemingly is placed on a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, self-identity, political leanings, etc. than on their work ethics, personal and professional achievements, and civic/community partnerships. What effect is this having on American society? -How different is the America today than the one described by Franklin? What core beliefs have changed and what has influenced those changes? If it is not very different, then what core beliefs have not changed and what has contributed to the continuity of those beliefs? For this first essay, you will only use Franklin’s text as a source. You will need to utilize at least one direct quotation from Franklin’s essay in the text of your own. Use parenthetical/intext citations to document the use of the source as well as a works cited citation on your works cited page. If you need a further review of MLA documentation, visit the OWL and reference the MLA handbook. Do not use other research sources for this first essay. You think, you make connections, you create an argument, you. Finally, for formal academic essays, you should use third person point of view. Do not directly reference yourself (I, me, my, etc.) or your audience (you, your). For a review of point of view, go to the next page. Requirements: Third Person Point of view Minimum 800 words. MLA format Documented use of the primary source (Franklin’s text). Parenthetical Citations Works Cited page This is the articel you need to read

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Religion and its Economic Impact | Instant Homework Help

Goal: The goal of this assignment is for the student to analyze a current affairs article about a religion and discuss its economic impact.Description:Throughout your studies in World Religions, you have been introduced to a variety of religious worldviews that are impacting a society and the marketplace in a variety of ways that can be both positive and negative for a community. The task for your Week #5 Project is to write a Current Affairs Worldview Essay that demonstrates the contemporary application as to how and in what way a particular religion is impacting a society’s economy and marketplace today. You will want to research articles that clearly reference specific financial data as to profits and loss that are being generated for a particular locale as the result and impact of a particular religion that we have or will study only in this class.An example of a possible title for such an article might be this: (Israeli Drought Increasing Costs for Wine in Passover Celebrations”). Here, the specific locale is Israel – the religion impacted is Jewish – the issue is the rising costs of wine for celebrating the Passover. Your article should highlight clear financial data as opposed to generalizations. (Ex: in the above article it points out that costs have increased 20% over last year) . Note that this is not a research essay where you seek out a variety of resources to highlight your topic. Here, you are to focus on just one (1) single article and offer your review of it in terms of a summary or the content and your personal application of it for your study of world religions. (See the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Book Review Handout for detailed information and examples.) should only be one (1) resource listed in your Works Cited page.Your essay should include the following and must not exceed a time frame of 5 years:•Seek out and read a Current Affairs article of interest that details a contemporary religious worldview from among those we will study in this class and the impact it is having on a particular marketplace and economy in society today.•These types of articles can be found in a variety of resources including the Online Library, our Course Guide, journals, newspapers, magazines, documentaries, news and world financial reports, websites, and through online searches.•Pick just one (1) article and write a 2-3 page review and analysis of just that one article. Your review should be in the form of a literary review or a movie review encouraging your audience to either read or ignore it.•Provide all of the required bibliographical material and citations for locating the resource including title, date of publication, publisher, website, and all retrieval information.•Summarize the main content of the article and how it is related to the course and the religious worldview that it expresses.•Provide details as to why you selected the article and what you found of interest as to why you did nor did not like the article.•Identify what new insights you discovered about this topic.•What was the author seeking to accomplish through this article?•How does this article increase your understanding of religious worldviews and their impact upon the marketplace in society today?•Be sure to use good writing and mechanical techniques and include the use of MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page to identify your resource and avoid plagiarism.

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