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View the video Ceremony & Society before beginning this homework. You may also use yourtext or other resources to support your answers Now answer the questions listed below. Reply infully developed, thoughtful sentences.Please note: there are two different sets of images, and some questions have multiple parts.Please allow at least an hour to complete, but most it could be a bit more.Question 1Go to this Compare page (Links to an external site.) and read the information provided. Thenclick on the link to each image for relevant details about eachNow answer these questions:• Is it immediately apparent to you that these items of clothing are ceremonial innature? Why?• How their forms and materials offer hints to their function?Question 2Again reference the images on this Compare page (Links to an external site.)in question oneand answer the questions here.Answer all parts completely.• When worn, what did each of these items communicate about its wearer’s status? Bespecific when referencing the items.• Why do you think that ceremonial clothing is used to make statements about socialstatus in so many cultures?• How does ceremonial clothing play a role in your own culture?Question 33. Consider the materials involved in each of these items, the Luba Chair and the sword ofCharlemagne (Links to an external site.). Keep in mind what the narrator noted about thequalities of the material used in all ceremonial objects.• How is the material used significant to the meaning of the work?• What does this suggest to you about the values associated with leadership in eachculture?(You must reference each work separately

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Ceremony & Society | Instant Homework Help
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