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Read Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat and then write a reader response paper of about 500 words [use MLA format] that incorporates a discussion of two or more of the following topics. Include quotations from the book as appropriate:  a. How the same forces that give and sustain life also take it away.  b. How a person can be “both hungry for life and terrified of it.”  c. The “loving surrender” Claire’s mother makes at Claire’s birth and the “loving surrender” Claire’s father is on the verge of making when Claire disappears.  d. Nozias’ custom of taking Claire on her birthday to visit her mother’s grave.  e. The mysterious bonds that people share with the natural world and with each other.  f. How Danticat uses interrelated stories to pose and answer questions from multiple perspectives.  g. Where Claire goes when she disappears.

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Claire of The Sea Light | Instant Homework Help
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