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Scenario: You have been recently hired as an academic coach in a school. The principal has asked you to work with a grade-level/content area team consisting of three teachers. One is a new teacher who needs support with implementing assessments in her classroom. One is an experienced teacher who needs support to integrate technology into his lessons. The third teacher has recently switched to a special education position and needs help differentiating instruction for special needs learners.Select one of these teachers and develop a plan to coach this teacher. The plan should highlight research-based coaching and mentoring strategies and not necessarily information pertaining to the subject area expertise of the coach.Select the plan’s overall coaching goal, based on the teacher profile you chose:Coaching Goal 1: Help new teacher implement classroom assessments.Coaching Goal 2: Support experienced teacher in integrating technology in lessons.Coaching Goal 3: Assist teacher who recently changed to special education in differentiating instruction for special needs learners.Complete Parts 1–5 below.Part 1: Goal SettingIdentify three SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals to support the teacher.Identify what the coach must do to support the teacher in achieving the stated goals.Identify what the teacher must do to ensure he or she achieves the stated goals.Part 2: Strategies for Overcoming Teacher ResistanceBased on research and your own personal and professional experience, identify two to three specific areas in which the coach may face resistance from the teacher.Identify what the coach will do to help overcome teacher resistance.Identify what the teacher must do in order to help him/herself overcome possible resistance.Part 3: Strategies for Implementation: The Coaching CycleIdentify two objectives for each phase of the coaching cycle: pre-observation, observation, and post-observation.Phase of Coaching CycleObjective 1Objective 2Pre-ObservationObservationPost-ObservationIdentify what the coach will do to support the teacher during each phase of the coaching cycle.Pre-ObservationObservationPost-ObservationIdentify what the teacher must do to gain the most from each phase of the coaching cycle.Pre-ObservationObservationPost-ObservationPart 4: Strategies for Providing Effective FeedbackIdentify two strategies the coach will implement to provide effective feedback to the teacher after implementation.Strategy 1Strategy 2Identify two strategies the teacher will implement to prepare to receive feedback from the instructional coach after implementation.Strategy 1Strategy 2Part 5: SummaryWrite a 700- to 1,050-word summary that incorporates theories of curriculum and instruction to support your coaching plan, as described above. Include a minimum of three academic references to support your findings, and cite them according to APA guidelines.

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Coaching Plan | Instant Homework Help
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