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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Cognitive Psychology in Understanding Advertisement. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. Using the doctrines of consumer psychology, this paper will analyze five magazine advertisements and evaluate how consumer psychology was applied. After which some recommendations will be made on how the mnemonic or recall value of some of the advertisements could be improved.Advertising has been around for ages ever since the human race learns how to exchange goods. During the early times, there was still no formal study of how advertising could be done systematically and effectively. In fact, not much marketing was done since there was a limited competition to feel the need to advertise one’s product and limited medium to have an avenue to do so (Taflinger, 1996). But as time changes and consumers become smarter with their purchases companies now are bound to adapt to these changes to be able to rise above the competition.The objective of advertising is to distinguish one product from another. It tries to sell the product or service by tapping into the consumers’ senses and emotions (Taflinger, 1996). To reach this objective the use of doctrines from psychology and sociology will be vital (Roy, 2007). This is one school of thought in psychology that deals with the study of mental processes. It examines how the mind process incoming data from the senses into information that the person will use in everyday life. Some of its application is for memory enhancement, better decision making, andSome of the studies under cognitive psychology are how people think, reason, solve the problem, make a decision, and also how the memory works (Pezdek, Deffenbacher, Lam & Hoffman). These studies have been beneficial in the business world since it can help businessmen understand how consumers associate themselves with their goods or services (Friestad, 2001). Although a consumer makes the mindful decision when making a purchase little do they know that this decision was influenced by information stored involuntarily (Pezdek, Deffenbacher, Lam & Hoffman). Understanding all these factors helps make an advertisement appealing, believable, and easy to remember.

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Cognitive Psychology in Understanding Advertisement | Instant Homework Help
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