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Write 3 pages with APA style on Community Solving Problem. Setting this up requires substantial change rooted to a certain law enforcement initiative, which ended up to its major reform programs (The City of New Orleans, 2012. Childress, 2012). This is the reason why The New Orleans Police Department and the United States Department of Justice came up with an agreement dealing with ousting the scandal involving police force prior to improving city’s safety. In addition, according to report this would also include agreement that would deal with “recruitment and training performance evaluations and promotions, misconduct-complaint issues and work assignments” – all of these have become elemental sources of corruption (Schwartz, 2012). As a respond to this, Schwartz added the New Orleans Police Department embraces the idea of instigating a reporting system in place so as to monitor crime-watching activity for both external and internal operations. In other words, there is a significant move to employ initiative of maintaining transparency for the whole department. Unlike any initiatives for law enforcement, the type applied in the case of New Orleans Police Department is a significant move showcasing the importance of both external and internal check up of performance.

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Community Solving Problem | Instant Homework Help
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