Comparative Geography of Two Communities | Instant Homework Help

You must write a research essay on the comparative geography of two communities (sub areas: new Westminster and Guildford ) within a Metro Vancouver city of your choice.Your essay should answer which is the better of the two to settle in and raise a new family in the next 10 years. Your research essay should cover at least three elements from the following list to secure maximum marks: • Physical geography • Population characteristics • Social and cultural patterns • Urban and settlement patterns • Transportation and communication patterns • Main economic sectors 1. Research Topic – it must have at least a single objective to be investigated in a scientific manner 2. Data and datasets– these are the collected facts that allow examination to realize the objective, and can be primary (e.g. field collection), secondary or tertiary 3. Graphics – these include maps, charts and tables, and are important means of • summarizing the data, and • displaying patterns within datasets, both spatial and attribute

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Comparative Geography of Two Communities | Instant Homework Help
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