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During the term, you will submit a Country Inventory – research paper.  The paper will be in a country in the world that you choose.  The paper will consist of at least 1,000 words in APA style.  The paper will consist of 4 sections: Physical Geography:  This section will address the physical characteristics of the country selected.  The type of characteristics that should be discussed are things like landforms, climate, resources, altitude etc.  This section will provide a good background site of the country and its habitability. Cultural Geography: This section of the paper will address the cultural characteristics of the country selected.  In this section, you should discuss such man related characteristics as the languages spoken in the country, religious practices of the inhabitants, foods, music, dress customs etc.  Political Geography:  In this section, you will discuss how the country is managed.  Is the country administered by a president, king, prime minister?  Also what type of world & regional organizations do they participate in ie. United Nations, NATO etc.  What are the political relationships with their neighbouring countries? Christianity:  In this section of the paper discuss the impact that Christianity has had on your selected country.  Has Christianity had a long rich history or has the church had a limited impact.  For the second portion of this section please describe the recommendations you would have to the church to spread the Gospel in your selected country. The paper will be worth 25 per cent of the course grade.   It should include references and be submitted in APA style.

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Country Inventory | Instant Homework Help
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