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For this assignment, students are responsible for locating and reviewing a journal article that addresses the specific topic identified. Students will utilize appropriate academic resources to review and research the area and its impact on children, families, and the community. Students can search (e.g., Google Scholar or ERIC) for an article about current applications of the ecological model in early childhood education and related practice. There are plenty of academic and professional journal articles that include ecological systems frameworks related to education, working with families, and community services. A three page written summary of the selected article with appropriate references is to be submitted for this assignment. Each summary will include the full citation of the article, an analysis of the article, and your personal reflection based on your professional experience. This assignment should be written in APA format with a title page. Students are expected to select articles from professional journals such as Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Young Child, Teacher Education and others.

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Current Ecological Models | Instant Homework Help
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