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What is your definition of Data Visualization? Howhas yourpast knowledge or experiences helped you to develop your definition?For this discussion, please use your weekly readings to compose a response to the following prompt/question(s)Homework-2Survey Project Part 1:Create a survey or questionnaire that could be used and collect data for a purpose or project of your choice. The idea is to think through the process and identify questions that would assist you in understanding how data is collected to make meaningful data visualizations.Your survey should consist of at least 25 questions, include at least five items to collect demographic information.Within your survey include a at least three of the following in addition to the 5 demographic questions (age, race, etc).Your survey must also have at least:3 multiple choice questions3 Yes or No questions3 Likert Scale questions2Open Ended questions***NOTE: You can create your survey using any tool that you would like (Word, SurveyMonkey, etc). Be sure to make sure that you tool is accessible to your classmates for review.*Initial posts are expected to a minimum of 200 words(Each) and well-written. Additionally, your post should integrate content from the text and other sources into your original post and responses.*Be sure to cite using APA standards (e.g. in-text citations and a reference list).

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Data Visualization | Instant Homework Help
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