Devising Future Programs and Policies | Instant Homework Help

Review and compare the major objectives and priorities derived from the published QHSR [Quadrennial Homeland Security Reviews] of 2010 and 2014, and 2019 statements and testimonies from homeland security committee hearings in the House and the Senate, and Congressional reports (if applicable). Base your comparison on your review of relevant Congress committee work and list all the committee hearings you have reviewed for the purpose of your comparison. Address only major objectives and priorities (not performance, personnel issues, etc.) Based on your comparison, acting in the role of a senior staff member working for the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, write a two-page briefing paper for the Secretary which outlines the Department’s future direction and emphasis for this year and the status of the Department’s current (or, alternatively, most recent) budget request in the respective Appropriations Committees and/or sub-committees. Format: Introduction QHSR major objectives and priorities Congressional reviews and priorities Budget requests/allocations Summary

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Devising Future Programs and Policies | Instant Homework Help
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