Disaster Management Research Paper

Disaster Management Research Paper Disaster Management Research Paper For this paper you must cite and reference 2 sources. The paper should be 2–3 pages and written using current APA format. Your paper should address the following : a. How would you prepare for the following situation?(provide realistic examples and details for safety and survival) (** Scenario is in the attachment**) You must include research. Cite and reference two sources and explain the recommended safety measures in a tornado emergency and how you would apply them to your specific living arrangements. NURS 431 West Coast University Disaster Management Research Paper b. How prepared are you in the event of a disaster? Describe your level of disaster preparedness using specific examples and references to your “go-bag” and preparedness checklist assignments. (** go-bag and preparedness checklist attached **) c. Reflect on how prepared you were before this class and compare it with how prepared you are now. (** details are in the attachment **) Please use proper in-text citation, reputable resources, and reference page. Disaster Management Research Paper Thanks! ?? disaster_management___family_disaster_plan_summative_assessment_final_paper.docx disaster_management___assignment_checklist_family_disaster_plan.docx grab_bag.docx Disaster Management Research Paper. For this paper you must cite and reference 2 sources. The paper should be 2–3 pages and written using current APA format. Your paper should address the following: a. How would you prepare for the following situation? (provide realistic examples and details for safety and survival) (Scenario) At this moment, you are sitting at home working on your WCU class. Suddenly, the National Weather Bureau sends an alert across your cell phone—a tornado is headed your way. You have 15 minutes before touchdown in your neighborhood. What is your plan? This is a ‘shelter in place’ scenario, you cannot outrun the tornado. Identify a safe place in your home to take shelter. You must include research. Cite and reference two sources and explain the recommended safety measures in a tornado emergency and how you would apply them to your specific living arrangements. b. How prepared are you in the event of a disaster? Describe your level of disaster preparedness using specific examples and references to your “go-bag” and preparedness checklist assignments. Example: “I am more prepared for a water-related disaster than a fire-related disaster even though I live in a highly secluded, forested area. I have a boat as transportation in the event of flooding, but I do not have rain barrels or fire barrier supplies on hand.” Example: “There were many missing items on my preparedness checklist. I realized that I do not own a flashlight. If I had to use my phone as a light it would drain the battery very quickly. c. Reflect on how prepared you were before this class and compare it with how prepared you are now. Have you acquired any new emergency items? Do you plan to take any additional trainings or certification courses? Have you shared your knowledge with friends and family? Complete the Assignment Checklist. Check off items that you have in inventory. • For items that are not applicable to you and your living situation, please write N/A (not applicable) in the space, otherwise it will be counted as incomplete. • Remember to protect personal information by using pseudonyms, or by providing only partial information o Ex: Sister: Britley *****, phone: 724-***-****, email: b********@yahoo.com Review the rubric for more information on how the assignment will be graded. Please note: You are not required to purchase any items on this list, however, take note of the items you are missing and consider how it could impact your safety and survival in a disaster. My Family’s Disaster Plan Learn about the natural disasters that could occur in your community and how you can respond to them. Provide at least two references and sources of information. NURS 431 West Coast University Disaster Management Research Paper Disaster Management Research Paper. Use APA Style for your reference. Possible hazards in my area: 1. Hurricanes: Hurricane season begins on June 1st to November 30th (Miami Dade County, 2020) One should monitor radio or television for weather updates and instructions from public safety officials, stay indoors, preferably in a room without windows. Use flashlights and not candles or kerosene lamps, listen to advisories from local law enforcement agencies regarding roadways and bridges being locked down. (Miami Dade County, 2020) Residents that are impacted by a hurricane may register for FEMA assistance at the DisasterAssistance.gov. 2. Tropical Storms: Stay inside and away from any window, skylight, or any glass floors. Be sure to find safe area in the home. Do not go outside. (Hurricanes: Science and Society, n.d) 3. Flooding: If there is a threat of flooding at home, turn off any electricity at the main breaker. (Hurricanes: Science and Society, n.d) It is important to be careful when driving during a flooding situation, always keep in mind that 6in. of standing water is enough to stall some cars and just one foot of water can float a vehicle and two feet of moving waters is enough to sweep a car away. (Flood preparedness and response, 2019) Emergency Phone Numbers (Program these into all phones and post in a common area in the home.) • Police department: (305) 418 7200, Dade County Police Department 1701 NW 87 Ave. Doral, FL 33172 • Fire department: (786) 331-5000, MDFR Firehouse 47 9361 SW 24th St. Miami, FL 33165 • Local emergency services: (305) 630-7900, Town & Country Emergency Room 11800 Sherry Ln., Miami, FL 33183 • Healthcare provider(s): (305) 669-0690, Miami Medical Consultants 4950 S Le Jeune Rd., Coral Gables, FL 33133 • Local American Red Cross: (305) 644- 1200, American Red Cross Greater Keys 335 SW 27th Ave. Miami, FL 33145 • Poison Help: 1-800-222-1212 • Other local emergency personnel numbers: 1800-621-FEMA (3362) Employers and School Officials Contacts I know the emergency response plans for employers and schools. __X___ School: Address: West Coast University. 9250 NW 36TH St. Doral, FL Phone: (786) 501- 7070 Contact name: Adiela Naranjo Child Day Care/School Phone # N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Employer: Address: 9250 NW 36 St. Doral, FL Phone: (786) 501- 7051 Ext. 48*** Contact name: Adiela Naranjo Family Communication Plan Prepare a family communication plan so that each member of the family can contact one another quickly. • Everyone has a cell phone or calling card __YES___ • Young children know how to call (numbers are saved) __N/A____ Name Contact Name Phone Email Iv** Os**** Ivan (305) 346- **** Iva*****@hotmail.com Dey*** Re**** Deya (786) 262- **** Dey*****@gmail.com Car*** Rod**** Carlos (786) 344- *** Car******@hotmail.com Identify two meeting places for your family in the event that you are separated. Near your home: Baptist Hospital Location: Miami, FL Address: 8900 N Kendall Dr. Phone: (786) 596- 1960 Away from your home (in the event you cannot return home): Location: South Miami Hospital Address: 6856 SW 53 Street Phone: (305) 666- 5871 Draw a floor plan of your home and attach it to your submission; mark two escape routes from each room. NURS 431 West Coast University Disaster Management Research Paper ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ______ Pick a friend or relative who lives out of the area for household members to call/email to say they are okay. Name: Nelc** Coi*** Phone: (786) 422-3953 Email: Nelc****@gmail.com Everyone in the house knows how and when to shut off utilities. ___X___ Utility Name Number Shut-Off Location/Main Controls Electric 1 Main Hallway Water 3 Main Hallway Gas N/A N/A Evacuation Plan and Transportation Extra gallon of gas __N/A____ Local government resource ___N/A___ Contact person/agency: N/A Address: N/A Phone: N/A Certifications Stay current and up to date (e.g., CPR, ACLS, PALS, TNCC). • Certification #1: CPR • Date of Completion/renewal: 06/2020 • Certification #2: BLS • Date of Completion/renewal: 06/2020 Property, Health, and Financial Well-being Review property insurance policies for disaster policies. __N/A____ Current __N/A____ Appropriate to needs __N/A____ Review life-insurance policies. __N/A____ Current _N/A_____ Appropriate to needs _N/A_____ Review health insurance policies. _N/A_____ Current _N/A_____ Appropriate to needs _N/A_____ Review financial documents. __YES____ Emergency savings $_4000_____ Easily accessible, small cash savings $ _700__ Important Documents and Items Secured Make sure you have copies of important documents and items that can be stored in a fireproof watertight container. Important Items Personal identification Check off Photocopied Items That are Safely Stored X Cash and coins X Credit card(s) X Extra set of house keys and car keys X Birth certificate X Marriage certificate X Driver’s license X Social Security card X Passport/visa X Wills N/A Deeds N/A Inventory of household goods (with photos & serial numbers) Insurance papers X Immunization records — Allergies — Medications Bank and credit card numbers X Stock/bonds Emergency contact list (phone/address/email) X X N/A X Local map and emergency shelter locations Pet information X N/A Consider ways to help neighbors who may need special assistance (ESL/medical/living alone). Name Fran***** Special Help Needed Hearing Aid Address 10315 SW 24 ST. Phone (305) 599-**** Miami, FL 33165 Salo***** N/A 15878 SW 69 Ln. (305) 654- **** Miami, FL 33193 Pet Arrangements: N/A As per local and state health and safety regulations, pets are not permitted in some shelters such as American Red Cross shelters. Service animals are permitted. Name of shelter vet: Address: N/A Phone: N/A Names of pet friendly hotels/motels or friends/family out of the area: Name: Iler*** Osp*** Address: 401* SW 25 ** Miami, FL 33165 Phone: (305) 785-**** Name: Hilton Garden Inn Miami Dolphin Mall Address: 1695 NW 111 Ave. Ste# A. Doral, FL 33172 Phone: (305) 500- 9077 Name: NUVO Suites Hotel Address: 1750 NW 107 Ave. Doral, FL 33172 Phone: (786) 472- 9095 Special Needs Assistance Special needs assistance organization in community. Name: Be Unique Academy Address: 11025 SW 84 St. Cottage#16. Phone: (786) 856- 6217 Register with local office of emergency services or fire department. Name: MDFR Firehouse 47 Address: 9361 SW 24 St. Miami, FL 33165 Phone: (786) 331- 5000 Create a network of neighbors, friends, relatives, coworkers to aid you in an emergency _____ • Mobility escape chair in place _N/A____ • High-rise/apartment arrangements for emergency evacuation _N/A__ • Extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen, catheters, medications, food for service animals _N/A___ • Caregiver identification information __X___ • Medical bracelet, etc. _N/A____ Disaster Supply Kit “Go Bag” You and your family may need to survive on your own for 3 days or more. Consider having additional supplies for up to two weeks confinement or shelter. You should prepare emergency supplies for the following situations: Go Bags Home: Make sure all family members know where the go bags are and have access them. _YES____ . NURS 431 West Coast University Disaster Management Research Paper . Specific go bags: Pet go bag _N/A____ Child go bag with special items for feeling safe and staying occupied _YES_ Car: 3-day supplies included with emergency roadside equipment _YES____ Work go bag Disaster Management Research Paper_YES_ Water Supplies Stocking water supplies should be a top priority. Drinking water in emergency situations should not be rationed. It is critical to store adequate amounts of water for your household. Check off the supplies you have on hand and indicate the date the supply needs to be refreshed. • Two quarts of water daily for drinking for each person in household. _YES_ • Extra two quarts of water daily for children, nursing mothers, and those who are ill and need more. _YES_ • One gallon/week supply of water stored for sanitary and cooking needs for household. _YES_ Change water every 6 months. • Update water supplies _11/24/2020___ (date) Safety Tip: Water Storage and Collection in an Emergency • Do not store in glass containers or other containers that can break. • Do not rely on untested devices for decontaminating water. • If you have a well or public water, follow treatment methods provided by your public health service or water provider. • Store water in a cool, dark place. Food: Preparing and Emergency Supply Food, unlike water may be rationed except for children and pregnant women. No special food needed. Keep canned foods and dry mixes stocked. Replenish food supplies every 6 months. Use and replace. Store newer items in the back, older items in front. Stock high energy protein foods in go bags: Peanut butter _YES___ Trail mix _YES__ Granola bars _N/A__ Peanuts _N/A__ Hard candy _N/A__ Boxed juices _YES__ Powdered milk _N/A__ Dry fruits_YES__ Keep infant foods and special diet foods in supply. _N/A_ First Aid Supplies Assemble a first aid kit for your home and each vehicle. __YES__ Check off all of the basic items you have and list additional specialty items you have on hand: First aid manual _N/A__ Sterile adhesive bandages, assorted sizes _YES_ Safety pins assorted sizes _YES_ Cleansing agents _YES__ Antibiotic ointment _YES__ Latex gloves (2 pair) _YES__ Petroleum jelly or other lubricant _YES_ 2-inch and 4-inch sterile gauze pads (4 to 6 of each) _YES__ Triangular bandages (3) _N/A___ Sunscreen_YES_ Scissors_YES__ 2-inch and 3-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls each) _N/A__ Tweezers _YES_ Needle_N/A__ Moistened towelettes _N/A__ Antiseptic _N/A__ Thermometer _YES__ Tongue depressor blades (2) _N/A__ Prescription medication list (ask your pharmacist about storing prescription medications) _N/A___ Extra pair or prescription eye glasses or contacts_N/A___ Nonprescription drugs: Aspirin and non—aspirin pain relievers _N/A__ Antidiarrheal medication _YES___ Antacid_YES__ Laxative_N/A__ Vitamins_YES__ Syrup of ipecac _N/A___ Tools and Emergency Supplies Assemble these items in a disaster supply kit in case you need to leave quickly. Check off all of the basic items you have and list additional specialty items you have on hand. Tools Portable, battery-powered radio, TV, alarm clock _N/A_____ Flashlight and extra batteries _YES___ Signal flare _N/A___ Matches in a waterproof container _N/A___ Shut-off wrench, pliers, shovel, hammer, screwdriver, and other tools _YES__ Duct tape and scissors _YES__ Plastic sheeting _N/A___ Whistle _N/A___ A-B-C fire extinguisher _N/A___ Tube tent _N/A___ Compass _N/A___ Work gloves _N/A___ Paper, pen, pencils _YES___ Needles and thread _N/A___ Sanitation and Hygiene Washcloth and towel _YES__ Towelletes, soap, hand sanitizer, liquid detergent __YES__ Toiletries _YES___ Heavy-duty plastic garbage bags _YES__ Medium–sized plastic bucket with tight lid and small shovel for digging a latrine _N/A__ Disinfectant and household chlorine bleach _YES___ Kitchen Items Manual can opener _YES___ Mess kits or paper cups, plates, plastic utensils _YES__ . NURS 431 West Coast University Disaster Management Research Paper Disaster Management Research Paper. All-purpose knife _YES__ A dropper (eye dropper) with measurements _N/A___ Liquid bleach to treat water _YES___ • Only use regular, unscented chlorine bleach products that are suitable for disinfection and sanitization as indicated on the label. The label may say that the active ingredient contains 6 or 8.25% of sodium hypochlorite. Do not use scented, color safe, or bleaches with added cleaners. If water is cloudy, let it settle and filter it through a clean cloth, paper towel, or coffee filter. Sugar, salt, pepper _YES___ Aluminum foil, plastic wrap _YES__ Resealing plastic bags _YES__ If food must be cooked, a small camping stove and can of cooking fuel _N/A__ Clothes and Bedding One complete change of clothes and footwear for each member of household. Shoes should be sturdy work shoes or boots. __YES__ Rain gear, hats and gloves, extra socks and underwear, thermal underwear, sunglasses. _YES__ Blankets or sleeping bag and pillows for each member. _N/A___ Specialty Items as Needed For: The baby _N/A___ The elderly _N/A___ Pets _N/A__ Other Items Add a list of additional items to include here. Review other disaster preparedness websites for items not included here. Check off items that you have and list items you need to acquire. Item Included Entertainment activities items like cards, volleyball, books Need to buy Phone chargers’ plug-ins and portables Yes Chap Stick Yes References Flood preparedness and response | Response/Recovery | Occupational safety and health administration. (2019, September 19). Occupational Safety and Health Administration. https://www.osha.gov/dts/weather/flood/response.html Hurricanes: Science & Society. (n.d.). Hurricanes: Science and society: During a hurricane: How to be safe. Hurricanes: Science and Society: Home. https://www.hurricanescience.org/society/risk/huricanesafety/ Miami Dade County. (2020). Hurricane readiness guide. Untitled Document. https://www.miamidade.gov/global/emergency/hurricane/home.page Hurricane Season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th, on 2013 the Miami-Dade County revised the all Storm Surge Planning (evacuation) Zones based on a new modeling data (University of Miami, 2020). The demographics in Miami, FL are usually hurricanes, floods and heavy storms. As a result a greater portion of Miami-Dade County fell into the planning zone meaning that the are could potentially be affected by a storm surge of 1 ½ feet or higher during a hurricane and evacuations are heavily predicated on storm surge planning. For my go bag I went by the Basic Disaster Supplies kit (Ready, 2020) I had almost all the items except for a few like the extra batteries, whistle, plastic sheeting, local maps, etc. I placed multiple cans of nonperishable foods and envelopes of tuna. I included an N95 mask in case of any contamination or maybe a strong smell situation. I included feminine items like pads and wipes. I also included hydrogen peroxide because this can be handy in case of a cut or scrape to be able to disinfect the wound and a few alcohol wipes because I’m missing an alcohol bottle. I also included Imodium, Advil, and Vicks VapoRub in case of a headache or pain, stomach issues, etc. For entertainment I included waterproof UNO cards. I also had some can ready raviolis and orange and apple juice. I included a checkbook and some spare cash just in case it was needed in case of an emergency and if ATM were down. Garbage bags for disposables. First aid kit, gloves and hand sanitizer because in times of a major disaster it can be useful for my loved ones or any neighbor or person that might be hurt after any type of disaster. I personally feel like I am ready to help other during a disaster, with the skills that I have learned and my go back I’m pretty sure I can keep my family safe and help anybody that’s in need. References Ready. (2020, April 20). Build a kit. Plan Ahead for Disasters | Ready.gov. https://www.ready.gov/kit University of Miami. (2020, May 17). Hurricane preparedness. Emergency Preparedness I University of Miami. https://prepare.miami.edu/before-emergency/hurricanepreparedness/index.html …NURS 431 West Coast University Disaster Management Research Paper Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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