Discover Top 150 Interesting Medical Research Topics

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In such a complex and broad discipline like medicine, writing a compelling and original medical research paper can be a daunting task. From investigating public concerns to cancer treatment studies, learners are mandated to select medical research topics that spark their interests.

Discover Top 150 Interesting Medical Research Topics

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Whether you are researching the treasures of health care science from ancient ages or modern times, it is always advisable to narrow themes down as much as possible. You want to do intensive research and having a wide topic is likely to give you a hell of time or perhaps have you skipping some important details. Our goal is to help learners write on medical research topics that are interesting and engaging. Read this article to learn how to select an exemplary medical research topic and probably the top 150 medical research topics you can explore in your research.

What Are the Types of Medical Research Questions?

In every assignment, it is important to first read and understand the instructions before proceeding. For instance, in medical research, before you decide on the medical topic for the research paper, you first need to read the research question. Reading the medical research question will help you understand which type of research you are supposed to carry out. Below are the three major classifications of medical research questions:

Classification According to Purpose

The purpose is what the instructor intends with the medical research questions they formulate. This category has two basic options, descriptive and inferential or analytical medical questions. The descriptive option gives information on a phenomenon of nature at a particular time and space. On the other hand, an inferential medical research question requires that the researcher compares interventions, techniques, or exposures to establish their association with the outcomes. Therefore, it is important to identify where your research falls before selecting a topic from a variety of health research topics for college students that ring into your mind.

Classification According to Objective

The objective in medical research questions simply means the specific outcome expected by the researcher. This category is divided into two, quantitative and qualitative medical research questions. For instance, if the research involves some epidemiological or clinical variability, the medical research question is quantitative. On the contrary, if the research question requires that the researcher obtains new processes associated with a phenomenon, it will be considered qualitative.

Classification According to Clinical Context

The clinical context will define the universe of the clinical activities in which the medical research questions are immersed. Clinical practice includes the following basic activities:


Etiology involves identifying risk factors. Medical research questions in this category have negative connotations. That comes in when the researcher thinks of a factor that will escalate the likelihood of suffering from a particular disease.


These are medical activities that involve detecting diseases based on paraclinical data, questioning, and physical examination. The main purpose of medical research questions in this category is to test whether or not a patient suffers from a disease according to the results of a gold standard. In short, the questions require that the researcher compares two techniques and determine which of the two has the best operating conditions by relating the disease with a gold standard.


An intervention involves prevention or treatment. Invention medical research questions are often analytical. The intervention aims at achieving an effect on a random condition to improve important outcomes for a patient or medical personnel. Interventions can be both pharmacological, preventive, or even diagnostic.


These are activities involving the prediction of consequences of a particular condition over time. These kinds of questions are hard to identify since they are usually associated with other types of questions.

Comparative Medical Paper Topics

Under comparative medical paper topics, the researcher explores the similarities and differences between two or more subjects.

Features of Excellent Medical Research Topics

Being a wide and demanding field, you must keep your work as concrete and specific as possible. Ensure that your research paper is clear under a straightforward medical research topic. Also, as much as the medical topics for research papers may be similar, ensure that your content is an original version intensively researched.

An excellent medical topic for research paper should offer solutions to public health problems. Consequently, ensure to focus more on community medicine research topics. Medical paper topics that provide answers to existing medical-related questions will be more appealing to the reader than if the topic did not relate to existing medical issues.

In short, always consider medical research topics relevant to the present medical situations. The medical research topics should be appealing to keep the reader glued to your paper, wanting to know about the research.

How to Select a Medical Research Topic

Selecting a topic from a variety of medical research topic ideas can be a daunting task. Although some instructors give specific medical topics to write about, most of them like to let learners select for themselves. In that case, learners must have the necessary skills relevant to selecting interesting medical research topics.

Ensure to select a very specific and narrow medical research topic. However, ensure that the medical topic for the research paper is wide enough to provide adequate information on the research. Below are the steps on selecting exemplary medical research topics for college students:

Brainstorm for Medical Research Topic Ideas

Brainstorming is usually the first step in any selection process. Here, you will be required to select an interesting topic from the various medical research topics ideas. Most people ignore this part and end up selecting the wrong medicine research topics. Always make sure that you have a strong opinion debate on specific health related research topics to get the best idea you want to settle for.

Moreover, the best medical research topics should be the ones you have information on or those you have ever encountered. It will be easier writing on a medical research topic you have encountered before than the one you have not. However, avoid medical research paper topics that are always overused.

Read More for General Information on the Chosen Medical Research Topic

Reading bridges the knowledge gap in medical research, especially on medical paper topics. In deciding on a medical research topic, reading gives you an overview of various and interesting research topics for medical students. It is important to read from various sources to know how the medical research topic ideas relate and perhaps how you need to narrow down your research while covering as much information as possible.

Concentrate on Your Topic

In the third step of selecting a topic from a variety of topics for medical research papers, you want to focus on the topic you want. Generally, choose a research topic in medicine that is easy to manage. Note that a too broad or narrow topic may pose some challenges; hence you need to keep aspect at per. Also, avoid choosing a broadly inter-disciplinary or local topic. An inter-disciplinary topic, for instance, will overwhelm you with pointless information making your research hectic.

Moreover, it is important to make a list of relevant keywords describing your topic. The keywords you select must adequately explain your topic. You can obtain keywords for your medical research topic as you read for general information. The idea is to find broad and narrow terms or concepts to keep your medical research extensive.

Use Flexible Medical Research Topic Ideas

Using flexible medical research topics ideas will help you get through the task without much straining. Often, in the research, you do not know what you will find ahead. For instance, the information may end up being excess calling for a narrower focus. With a flexible medical research topic, you can modify it and continue with your research.

Discover Top 150 Interesting Medical Research Topics

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Interesting Medical Topics for Research Paper

With the tips on selecting interesting medical topics for a research paper, let us consider various topics you can select from. Highlighted below are medical research topics examples you may want to choose from:

Common Nursing Research Topics

Working on common health science research topics or nursing research topics is easy. One advantage of common research topics in healthcare is that there is information everywhere. So, if you are interested in common healthcare research topics, here are some:

  1. What are the universal ethics in Geriatrics
  2. General problems faced by spouses with Dyslexia
  3. The results of abdominal massage more so in seriously sick people
  4. Do gender and race of patients play a role in ache management
  5. What are the ethics of Psychiatric patients
  6. Pediatric care behavior assessment
  7. What is the proper treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
  8. Examples of pre-term work threats
  9. What is the correlation between video games and teen aggression
  10. How to train a nurse for primary healthcare
  11. Why aged patients use alcohol in nursing homes
  12. Practical guidelines for Antenatal disease
  13. Frequent exercise for improving mental health
  14. Causes and growth of Parkinson disease
  15. Checklist for the delivery room activities
  16. How to treat disorder of agitated legs
  17. Mirror analysis for stroke patients, especially for those partially paralyzed
  18. Comparisons of public health nursing designs in different regions
  19. How to develop an efficient weight loss plan
  20. Family participation in healthcare
  21. How to educate young girls about menopause management
  22. Reasons why pregnant mothers are under high risk during childbirth
  23. What are the proposals for creating an excellent nursing committee

Interesting Health Topics to Research On | Medical Topic Ideas

As earlier mentioned, medical research papers topics need to be interesting to attract the reader’s attention. If you keep your instructor wanting to read your research paper, you definitely have a high chance of scoring a better grade. Here are some of the interesting research topics in healthcare you may want to use:

  1. The influence of age on mental health
  2. What are newborn recovery activities
  3. The main reasons why depression occur
  4. The reason why health care employees and nurses should work together
  5. Cardiovascular problems and how to treat them
  6. What is the role of first-class leadership expertise in the nursing field?
  7. Ways through which obesity affects our health
  8. The role of vaccines in kids- value or damage
  9. How can a classic listed nurse become a physician
  10. What are the typical causes of headache
  11. Advantages and drawbacks of curative marijuana
  12. Effective end of life care intercessions
  13. What is the best and active music therapy or lactation?
  14. Effective treatment of bladder cancer across the globe
  15. Approaches nurses use to boost emotional health
  16. What are the consequences of mother to baby skin contact?
  17. Advantages and disadvantages of water birth
  18. Preventive measures as a result of an infectious disease outbreak
  19. Do nurses have the permission to prescribe drugs?
  20. Extensive research on most important fibrillation
  21. Effective ways to cure stroke disease
  22. Alcohol addiction and how to avoid excessive drinking
  23. What are the health risks for osteoporosis females
  24. How do you detect elderly patients abuse
  25. How nurses help the elderly patients eat
  26. How government policies help in hiring of healthcare experts
  27. Do doctors make patients drugs addicts? Medical research topics
  28. Cow milk- how healthy it is, especially for kids.

Top-Rated Medical Research Topics

Using top-rated medical research topics does well when it comes to ranking your medical research paper. A high consideration of your paper resulting from the top research topic guarantees you attention from the readers. If you are a student interested in writing a highly ranked paper, here are top-rated med research topics for you:

  1. Ways to prevent obesity in kids
  2. Advantages and withdrawals of telemedicine
  3. What are the basic principles of sports medicine?
  4. How to recover effectively from physical traumas
  5. Why seizures are frequent among adolescents
  6. What are the conventional cold medicines?
  7. How to deal with different types of eating disorder
  8. How pop culture and social media results to bad habits and illness
  9. What are the moral parts of Euthanasia
  10. Treatment prisoners- pros and cons
  11. What are the leading causes of type two diabetes
  12. Effective ways to reduce body temperature while indoors
  13. How to prevent pregnancy, especially for young girls
  14. In what ways do the government support healthcare projects
  15. Effects of abortion
  16. Advantages of spiritual care and is it sensible.
  17. The importance of hydration and healthy nutrition
  18. The main issues related to weight gain
  19. Teen vaccination and its importance
  20. How to withstand high-levels of stress
  21. How to make safe and wise medical decisions
  22. The reason why the healthcare system should be free around the world
  23. Why kid’s insurance cover is crucial
  24. Is children insurance a right or privilege?
  25. Effective methods to treat insomnia
  26. What factor associated with menopause
  27. Effective ways to treat and prevent breast cancer
  28. How to narrow the gap between male and female healthcare professionals
  29. The best treatment of Migraine
  30. Several ways to have control over high blood pressure while at home

What are Interesting Medical Topics for a Research Paper?

Different medical researches topics fall under different categories. Good medical research topics categorize the research in the relevant category. Perhaps you may want to look at medical research topic examples in the various categories:

Technology Medical Research Topics

These are medical related research topics relating to science innovations in medicine. Researches under these health research paper topics revolve around products, services, and solutions to improve the health wellness of the people. Here are some of the medical research paper topics for college students in the technology category:

  1. How do the latest changes in the automobile industry help to protect the environment?
  2. Why do smart electronic devices get slow after some time?
  3. Ways to convert old recording to new format
  4. The story behind the internet and how it helps in daily life
  5. What makes phones more resistant to virus compared to computers?
  6. Advantages of technology to medicine field

Religion Topics for Medical Research Paper

These are health care research topics regarding the role spirituality plays in medicine. For instance, the role of religion in the caregiving of patients who suffer terminal illnesses and chronic medical conditions. Here are some of the health related topics for research paper in this category:

  1. How can religion help to change the general view of women in the society?
  2. Why young generation is less religious than older ones?
  3. Similarities and variations between catholic and orthodox Christians
  4. How terrorist attacks affect religion across the world?
  5. The primary reasons why people stopped believing in multiple gods
  6. What is common in all regions?

Discover Top 150 Interesting Medical Research Topics

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Social Media Research Topics in Medicine

Medical research topics that fall under this category focus on the influence of social media on medical care. Mentioned below are some of the health papers topics under the social media category:

  1. Is social media addictive, as people say?
  2. How social media helps us conquer loneliness
  3. How to protect kids from social media
  4. Is social media addictive as people say?
  5. Can you get jobs or further education in LinkedIn?
  6. How often can you take breaks in social media?

Environment Medical Research Topics

These are health topics for a research paper that are related to the surroundings. Below are examples of such topics:

  1. What schools do you take your kids to learn broadly about protecting the environment?
  2. Solar technology, how it helps and how to make it more sustainable
  3. Plastic ocean pollution and how it affects the environment
  4. How is wildlife affected by global warming?
  5. Daily operations to save the environment


At this point, you probably know how to select the best topic from a list of medical research topics. Also, you know what defines interesting medical research topics. The first thing to do before commencing medical research is reading and understanding the medical research questions. Besides helping you understand the research topic, it will also help you identify the best medical research topic for your work. Different medical research questions fall under different categories; hence it is important to identify where your research falls. You may want to contact professional help from MyPaperSupport in case you find difficulties handling your research. We are here for you.

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