Discussion Board 1 680

Part 1: Identify what you consider to be the 3 greatest achievements in the last 5 decades. Discuss these accomplishments in terms of the definition of a project and include this justification in the post. See the Discussion Board Instructions document in the Assignment Instructions folder for all requirements needed to meet grading rubric specifications

Each Discussion Board will consist of 2 parts over the course of 2 modules/weeks: an individual thread and individual replies. In Part 1 of each Discussion Board, you must post an individual 500–750-word thread in response to the prompt provided.

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Discussion Board 1 680
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In Part 2 of the following module/week, you will develop at least two relies of at least 200–250-words. For each individual thread, you will support your assertions with at least 3 peer-reviewed sources that have been published in the last 3 years in addition to the course text.

You must also incorporate 1 Biblical integration into the post. Please copy and paste your thread into the Discussion Board Forum to facilitate reading (you may attach a copy to retain formatting, if needed). No title page or abstract is needed.


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