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You are exploring microbiology in the next eight weeks. Let’s start with a discussion on microbiology-related topics. What interests you? In this discussion board (DB), please post a thread and share: From a recent news, video, or media, select a microbiology-related or science-related that interested you. Write the topic as your header for the your original post. Answer the following questions in your original discussion thread: (1) Your impression about the information from the news article/video/or media? (2) What questions in your topic/concern still need to be explored? (3) How did the information use the scientific method? Include a credible resource to have your classmates explore this topic. APA format, see the following link if you are not sure how to complete APA reference: http://nu.libguides.com/citations/APA. For example, you can review Science TED talks: https://www.ted.com/talks/anne_madden_meet_the_microscopic_life_in_your_home_and_on_your_face Be sure to include links or article related to the topic. These posts need to be a couple of paragraphs and should not exceed a page (minimum of 250 words required for full credit of original post). You must write at least 250

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Discussion on Microbiology | Instant Homework Help
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