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Over the last two weeks, we’ve discussed presentation tools and how to make an effective presentation. Review the two similar presentations you made last week. Taking into consideration what you learned this week about effective presentations, how would you change these? What speaker notes would you add? How can you further engage your audience? If you were to give this presentation, what would you add to make it more compelling? Write a 350-word brainstorm of your thoughts to these questions as well as a reflection on what you would personally need to work on to make your presentations and speeches more effective. This can be a paragraph, outline, or a graphic organizer of your choice. Instructor’s Note: Pay attention to each assignment point including word count. Instructor’s Note: APA formatting includes a title page, reference page, abstract, and subheadings. If you do not know how to format each of these elements, see the links below. The Center for Writing Excellence is a very good resource.

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Effective Presentation | Instant Homework Help
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