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How would you use the process ENNEAGRAM to improve an existing safety policy in a fictitious organization?Instructions for Writing All work submitted for this class (including discussions) should adhere to APA 6th edition standards for academic writing.Margins should be 1” for top, bottom, left, and right.Use 12 pt. Arial font.Line spacing should be set to use double space.Length: Discussions should be 200-250 words in length (quotations and references do not count for word count.)Please limit the number of direct quotations used for academic writing.The writing style should in the third person.The post should follow the same quality of writing as a project/paper. You will be penalized for improper grammar and spelling.Posts should be 200 – 250 words in length.Posts should contain one real-world example of the topic discussed.Posts should contain 2 peer-reviewed, academic journal references that do not count toward the word count (wikis, newspapers, forums, online dictionaries, and blogs are not considered academic references).

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ENNEAGRAM Process | Instant Homework Help
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