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The assignment this week will have two parts. You will combine both parts into the same document and upload only one document as your assignment. Part 1: Explore the NCU Library database called “Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print.” Search this database for three tests that measure infant and/or childhood development intelligence in infancy and early childhood. At least one of the tests should specifically measure cognitive, speech, or intellectual development. Then, prepare a chart which shows the name of the test, the author, what the test measures, and a summary of a review of the test. Include three tests in your list. Be sure to prepare the chart in your own words, in a way that would be useful for your use or that of a specific school or agency. Length: 1-2 page chart Part 2: At this point you are halfway through the course. Add at least four peer-reviewed recent research articles or scholarly websites to support your Signature Assignment (due in Week 8). Prepare a list of these articles, including the bibliographical information for each article and a brief summary of the thesis, participants, methods, and findings of each of these four resources. Length: 2-3 pages

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Examining Test of Development | Instant Homework Help
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