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A powerpoint presentation on women’s healthcare topic – Fibroids. The presentation should have a cover page, page headings, 3-4 page body with a concluding summary, and a reference page. Plagiarism: A student must not adopt or reproduce ideas, words or statements of another person without appropriate acknowledgment. A student must give credit to the originality of others and acknowledge an indebtedness whenever he or she: a) quotes another person’s actual words, either oral or written; b) paraphrases another person’s words, either oral or written; c) uses another person’s ideas, opinion, or theory; or d) borrows facts, statistics, or other illustrative material, unless the information is common knowledge. Evidence of plagiarism will result in a grade of zero on the assignment and filing of a Student Infraction Form with the Student Affairs Office.

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Fibroids | Instant Homework Help
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