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Explains framing techniques out of news articles on Ice raids and a news event. This has to be something that happened at a specific place at a specific time. It can be on any topic you want, from politics to scientific discoveries to sports to celebrity news. Write about something that interests you. Find two news articles that report on your selected news event. If you’re not sure where to look, you might check CNN, BBC News, or The New York Times. The articles can report on the event in similar ways or in vastly different ways. I leave it to you to decide. Write a 5-6 page essay that makes an argument about how frames in your chosen news articles shape the conversation over the news event in ways that would not necessarily be apparent without examining the frames. (E.g., your thesis statement might look something like this: The CNN and BBC News articles frame their reporting on the event to favor the perspective that ____.)

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Framing Techniques | Instant Homework Help
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