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GLOBAL 1 Global History, Culture, and Ideology:Summer Session A, 2020Research Paper InstructionsThis paper requires you to use some of the key historical, theoretical, and conceptual insights youhave gained from this course to analyze a contemporary global issue. This issue can be rippedstraight from the headlines, though you are more than welcome to study an issue that has receivedless attention if you think it is interesting and merits more attention. This issue can be primarilysocial, political, economic, ecological, or cultural in nature, though it will most likely cut across thesevarious domains. A few examples of issues or subjects you could analyze include:? The COVID-19 pandemic and its global impacts upon work, housing, incarceration, policing, orstate power (but not necessarily all at the same time).? The ongoing national and international uprisings against police violence sparked by the murderof George Floyd, in terms of their diversified goals and achievements, their wide-ranging tacticsand strategies, or their framing by the mainstream media and their own messaging.? The deforestation and burning of the Amazon rain forest, in relation to the impacts of theseprocesses on Amazonian Indigenous peoples and their responses in turn, the administration ofPresident Jair Bolsonaro and transnational agribusiness interests as drivers of these processes,or the potential for these processes to spread diseases including COVID-19.? The controversy sparked by the release of Disney’s remake of Aladdin in 2019, in terms of theOrientalism inherent in the story of Aladdin, Disney’s ever-growing power as a mediacorporation, and the contentious cultural politics surrounding diversity and representation.This list of issues is by no means exhaustive, and you are encouraged to identify others to examine.Having picked an issue to study, consider it in light of the following questions:? What exactly are the global dimensions of this issue? How have various global forces convergedwithin the space in which this issue is situated and/or extended its consequences and itssignificance beyond that space?? What are the historical dimensions of this issue? How are current developments concerning thisissue building upon or departing from the legacies of the past, not least of all pertinent legaciesof colonialism and imperialism? Why is historicizing the issue at hand necessary for fullyunderstanding it in the present?? How is culture pertinent to the issue at hand? Is the issue grounded in culture in any way, andhas it impacted culture in any way? Have the cultural dimensions of this issue transcended ortransgressed borders and boundaries? (Be wary of naturalizing culture – that is, by describingcertain cultural traits as innate, permanent features of certain people or places – as you addressthese questions. In this sense, your cultural analysis must also be historically grounded.)? Are any particular ideologies pertinent to your issue of choice? Have these ideologies implicitlyor explicitly shaped the issue at hand, and, if so, how? What historical and cultural factorsaccount for the influence of the ideologies in question? What theoretical perspectives from ourcourse could help you better understand these ideologies and their roles in the issues underconsiderationSummer Session A, 2020Do not attempt to answer the questions above in a mechanical fashion for your paper: that is, yourpaper should not read like a disjointed list of answers to these questions. Rather, use them asstarting points for coming up with an original, coherent, and compelling thesis that ties together thevarious dimensions of your chosen issue.Naturally, some dimensions will be more relevant to certain issues than others: you don’t have tostrike a perfect balance between history, culture, and ideology in your analysis, as long as you havecarefully considered how all three might be relevant to your issue.Find at least threescholarly sources of information about your chosen issue, although you may wellhave to find more to be able to provide a substantial overview of it. These sources should bescholarly articles or books, newspaper articles and commentaries, and documentaries or films,although you can include less conventional sources – such as podcasts, social media platforms, andblog posts – if you are tracking an issue involving marginalized actors whose voices are notreceiving adequate or accurate coverage. Do not treat any source of information you use as gospeltruth: corroborate and cross-reference its account of your issue.In addition, use at least three course texts to carry out your analysis. Do not simply mention thesetexts and their arguments in passing after you summarize your issue of choice: engage with them indepth and at length, applying, extending, and critiquing their interventions to shape your thesis.The technical specifications for your paper are as follows:? It should be 6-8 double-spaced pages (or 1,500 – 2,000 words) in length, excluding citations.? You should use 12 point size Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.? You can use any citation style you want (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), provided you use it accuratelyand consistently. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab contains detailed guides to all themajor citation styles, as well as a host of other writing tips; I strongly encourage you to consultit as you work on your paper.? This should be original scholarly work done by you alone, so please make sure you adhere to UCSB’s Academic Integrity policy.A research paper is admittedly just one way to intellectually engage contemporary issues and ourcourse texts and ideas. Some students might feel motivated to produce works of art, podcasts,audiovisual / multimedia presentations, or other creative projects instead of research papers. If youare interested in working on a creative project of some sort, please inform your instructor andteaching assistant as soon as possible so that they can ensure that your project is adequatelyrigorous. Your creative project, whatever it may be, will still have to engage at least three scholarlysources of information and at least three course texts, and you may well have to integrate a writtencomponent to demonstrate this engagement.

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Global History, Culture, and Ideology: | Instant Homework Help
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