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Introduction Gorham’s disease is a rare osteolytic disease of the bone characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of vascular and lymphatic channels within bone leading to resorption (Avelar, et al., 2010). The lost bone tissue is replaced by angiomas and fibrosis. Although the etiology of the disease is still uncertain, it does not seem to have a genetic component. Most researches attribute this disease to increased osteoclastic activity within bone that leads to vascular and lymphatic proliferation. The disease is characterized by gradual resorption of bone particularly the bones of shoulder, skull, thorax and spine although long bones may also be affected. Focal pain and limited motion (Danron, et al., 1993) may or may not be associated with injuries and results in fractures that classically do not heal. Later stages may involve functional and aesthetic problems. The diagnosis of the disease depends upon X-rays and bone scans but relies mainly on clinical findings. The disease has yet to be cured and only multiple palliative options are available. Case Report A 45 year old male presented in the maxillofacial department with complaints of right sided facial asymmetry and consequent functional and aesthetic problems.

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Gorham’s Syndrome | Instant Homework Help
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