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During your last week working with Great Day Fitness Tracking, you will create a 9- to 12-page final plan in Microsoft® Word.  Your final plan should:  a). Explain the relationship between processes and information systems, including a flowchart and a discussion of security ethical concerns. (Week 1)  b). Describe the plan to select the appropriate hardware and software and the different approaches for managing data. (Week 2)  c). Explain the benefits of using transaction processing systems, customer relationship systems, and supply chain management. (Week 2)  d). Describe the potential benefits of using business intelligence. (Week 3)  e). Describe the information systems plan and potential methodologies. (Week 4)  f). Describe the used utility and cloud computing services and how these services might replace or augment the initial system design. (Week 6)  g). Describe a high-level, 3-year strategic plan for your information solution. (Week 6)  Note: You may include graphs, tables, and diagrams in addition to your summaries for each week’s content.

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Great Day Fitness Tracking | Instant Homework Help
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