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For your final writing assignment, conduct a three page brand assessment for the product you selected for your final presentation. Use the textbook for further guidance on branding. Evaluate the strength of your brand through external marketing materials such as social media, advertising, and other brand-generated sources (include examples in an appendix that does not count towards the page count). Are brand elements consistent? What is the tone like? What is the target market of the brand?Name five adjectives that describe the brand. How does this brand make you feel?Identify at least one competitor and compare your brand to theirs — how is their positioning in relation to yours? Can you find data online about the success of your company as compared to theirs?Is your brand available internationally? If so, what are examples of international marketing materials, and are they different from American branding?What are areas in which your brand can be changed or repositioned in order to be most successful? How would you recommend addressing these issues? 

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Guidance on Branding | Instant Homework Help
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