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This assignment will be short answers that reflects the material covered in this module. Please complete in APA format without an abstract. You may list the questions and then answer them in chronological order. The assignment should be about 2-3 pages. Thus, the answers should be short and descriptive.1. There is a debate within the field of psychology in reference to the cause of human behavior. It is called the nature/nurture controversy. Last module we examined the differing fields of psychology, and this week examined behavior from an evolutionary and biological standpoint. What is behavioral psychology and their standpoint on the cause of human behavior. Similarly, this week we looked at evolutionary and biological psychology. What is the field of thought from this area of study. In addition, how are twin and adoption studies used as a means of trying to understand behavior and yet provide environmental control? What do you think the cause of human behavior is? Is it a combination of environment, experience and genetics, or predominantly one of these?2. Gestalt psychologists noted certain consistencies in the way we integrate bits and pieces of sensory stimulation into meaningful wholes. They grouped these rules into the laws of perceptual organization. Please discuss and explain the following: Figure-ground perception, proximity/similarity, continuity/closure and top-down versus bottom up processing.3. What causes objects to appear to follow us as we look out a window while riding in a car? Or, what causes nearby objects such as trees to go by rapidly? Similarly, what other monocular cues create depth illusion?4. The principles of perceptual organization make it possible for our eyes to play tricks on us. These are called optical illusions. What are the Hering-Helmholtz and the Muller-Lyer illusions and how do they occur?5.What types of non-invasive measures can be taken when there is an interest in doing research that involves areas of the brain? For example, I am a researcher interested in studying sleep research or to see if certain subjects with schizophrenia have different brain structures. What brain measuring or imaging techniques might I use?6. What is the meaning of absolute threshold and just noticeable differences? How can this be differentiated in terms of sound, weight, light and taste?Writing Requirements APA format,3–4 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)

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Human Behavior | Instant Homework Help
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