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Now you will conduct research to find the current career trends in your desired industry and provide a brief summary of your findings. This assignment will be in the form of a professional email to your department head, Mr. Bradley. Writing Prompt Imagine you recently began working for a government public safety agency and the head of the department, Mr. Bradley, has asked you to conduct research on some public safety topics that are not widely known to the public. Trends show that a large percentage of public safety employees are in their first year of employment, and your agency wants to contribute from a training and awareness standpoint given that a lot of the readers are new to the industry. He has asked you to write a detailed email that identifies three public safety concerns that could be good for the agency to write about in its monthly newsletter targeted to safety professionals. If he likes your work on this initial research, he will ask you to write a position paper on why the newsletter should publish articles on these topics. He is hoping to use your research to prepare topics for your department to write about in an upcoming issue. To begin your research, access your CareerQuest account and review the available resources. Use Vault or any other online resource to conduct additional industry research. Your assignment is to produce a well-researched email in which you identify three trends in your industry and discuss each one briefly. Assignment Instructions Compose a professional email (about 300 words) providing a response to the prompt above. You may use this template to format your email. Use the career planning resources in CareerQuest and additional industry websites to research information to include in your response. Demonstrate communication skills by effectively presenting the information in your response.

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Identifying Career Trends | Instant Homework Help
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