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Develop a strategy for improving the ethical performance of one of your leaders. APPROPRIATE ATTENTION TO TOPIC OR PROBLEM AND APPROPRIATE SELECTION OF OUTSIDE RESOURCE, WHEN REQUIRED: Does the posting address the question consistent with the assignment and are outside resources selected appropriate, when called for? APPLICATION OF CONCEPTS: Does the posting attempt to take ideas from the text and other readings and module materials and put them into play? DEPTH OF INSIGHT, OBSERVATION, OR ANALYSIS: Does the posting offer something worthwhile to think about? USE OF EVIDENCE AND SUPPORT: Your opinion will not be judged but it must be clearly articulated and supported. When outside sources are cited as evidence, sufficient information should be included that a reader could find the item referred to. We need to be careful to give credit for ideas. In discussion posts, we can use shortened citation format. For assigned readings to which we all have access, citing the author (and maybe the page if it is a specific point), is sufficient. Use common sense here—our objectives are: 1) not to claim ideas as our own that are not our own; and 2) make it possible for others to find the source of the idea we are citing. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome EXPRESSION Does the posting use correct grammar, word choice, logic, and style to appropriately convey ideas?

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Improving Ethical Performance | Instant Homework Help
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