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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic money making trends for 2011. Money Making Trends for 2011 Internet marketing business is very easy and quite cheap to set up. All that one needs is a personal computer and ample and reliable internet. Individuals can set up internet marketing businesses by themselves or they can combine effort with their friends or family and set up a formidable enterprise. The Internet marketing environment is a highly competitive field, therefore innovation in the business is crucial. This means that the human resources required for any competitive online marketing business should have relevant skills. Some of the people needed in today’s internet marketing business include copywriters, technicians and business managers. Like any other business, the internet marketing business needs to market itself to prospective customers and clients. One of the most effective means of marketing such businesses is through the utilization of social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are effective tools to use in order to reach a sizable number of people. The use of video networking is also gaining ground as a way of reaching out to prospective customers. Search engine optimization still remains an important aspect of advertising for internet marketing businesses (Bailey, 2011).

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Money Making Trends for 2011 | Instant Homework Help
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