Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps | Instant Homework Help

Take a look at the image of the painting Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps by Kehinde Wiley (2005) (. Provide a short answer (150 to 300 words) to each of the questions about the work posed below. Which of the 4 roles of the artist mentioned in chapter 1 do you think this artist fits into the best? Why? What has the most emphasis in the work, or what is its focal point? What does that tell you about the work? What associations (thoughts, feelings) does this work bring up for you? Tell us what element, principle of design or subject matter helps make each association. How might your reaction to this work be different if the paint was used in a rougher way, like van Gogh, where all the brushstrokes were clear and visible? How does the artist’s identity affect how you read the work? How does the relationship between this painting and the historical painting it imitates affect how you see the work?

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Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps | Instant Homework Help
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