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1.Pick an innovative company, operating in a hypercompetitive marketplace (i.e. smartphones, 2. Study one of its products or services and critically imagine how to effectively implement quality standards by using creative thinking skills (and thinking outside of the box). Begin from the analysis of an already existing product or service and identify what is needed beyond the current configuration, 3.Evaluate some possible additional features using the crowdsourcing (panel of between 5 and 10 people) which will allow you to explore the creativity process. You should resort to an iterative process to perfect such search by using a panel of potential users. These users will rank and rate a series of two or more possible product configurations in a scale from 1 through 5. 4.Develop a new product configuration which should be as close to the real product as possible. Make sure it fits the brand, channels of distribution currently available and the firm’s overall strategy

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New Product Configuration | Instant Homework Help
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