NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation

NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation For this assessment you will create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest and buy-in for the plan proposal you developed for the third assessment. assessment_4_instructions.docx effectiveppt.pptx nurs_fpx4010_murfernandezyailin_assessment3_1.docx ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS Assessment 4 Instructions: Stakeholder Presentation For this assessment you will create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint presentation for one or more stakeholder or leadership groups to generate interest and buy-in for the plan proposal you developed for the third assessment. As a current or future nurse leader, you may be called upon to present to stakeholders and leadership about projects that you have been involved in or wish to implement. The ability to communicate a plan—and potential implications of not pursuing such a plan—to stakeholders effectively can be critically important in creating awareness and buy-in, as well as building your personal and professional brand in your organization. It is equally important that you know how to create compelling presentations for others’ delivery and ensure that they convey the same content you would deliver if you were the presenter. You are encouraged to complete the Evidence-Based Practice: Basics and Guidelines activity before you develop the presentation. This activity consists of six questions that will create the opportunity to check your understanding of the fundamentals of evidence-based practice as well as ways to identify EBP in practice. The information gained from completing this formative will help promote success in the Stakeholder Presentation and demonstrate courseroom engagement—it requires just a few minutes of your time and is not graded. Demonstration of Proficiency • • • • • • Competency 1: Explain strategies for managing human and financial resources to promote organizational health. Explain how the interdisciplinary plan could be implemented and how the human and financial resources would be managed. Competency 2: Explain how interdisciplinary collaboration can be used to achieve desired patient and systems outcomes. Explain an organizational or patient issue for which a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach would help achieve a specific improvement goal. Competency 3: Describe ways to incorporate evidence-based practice within an interdisciplinary team. Summarize an evidence-based interdisciplinary plan to address an organizational or patient issue. • • • Propose evidence-based criteria that could be used to evaluate the degree to which the project was successful in achieving the improvement goal. Competency 5: Apply professional, scholarly, evidence-based communication strategies to impact patient, interdisciplinary team, and systems outcomes. Communicate the PowerPoint presentation of the interdisciplinary improvement plan to stakeholders in a professional, respectful manner, with writing that is clear, logically organized, with correct grammar and spelling, using current APA style. Professional Context This assessment will provide you with an opportunity to sharpen your ability to create a professional presentation to stakeholders. In this presentation, you will explain the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle and how it can be used to introduce the plan (P), implement the plan (D), study the effectiveness of the plan (S), and act on what is learned (A) to drive continuous improvement. By using this cycle, the stakeholders will have a tool and a proposal to expand on these ideas to drive workplace change and create improved processes to solve an interprofessional collaboration problem. Scenario In addition to summarizing the key points of Assessments 2 and 3, you will provide stakeholders and/or leadership with an overview of project specifics as well as how success would be evaluated—you will essentially be presenting a discussion of the Plan, Do, and Study parts of the PDSA cycle. Again, you will not be expected to execute the project, so you will not have any results to study. NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation However, by carefully examining the ways in which your plan could be carried out and evaluated, you will get some of the experience of the thinking required for PDSA. When creating your PowerPoint for this assessment, it is important to keep in mind the target audience: your interviewee’s organizational leadership. The overall goal of this assessment is to create a presentation that your interviewee could potentially give in his or her organization. Instructions Please follow the Capella Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations [PPTX]. If you need technical information on using PowerPoint, refer to Capella University Library: PowerPoint Presentations. Be sure that your plan addresses the following, which corresponds to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you understand what is needed for a distinguished score. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ? Explain an organizational or patient issue for which a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach would help achieve a specific improvement goal. Summarize an evidence-based interdisciplinary plan to address an organizational or patient issue. Explain how the interdisciplinary plan could be implemented and how the human and financial resources would be managed. Propose evidence-based criteria that could be used to evaluate the degree to which the project was successful in achieving the improvement goal. Communicate the PowerPoint presentation of the interdisciplinary improvement plan to stakeholders in a professional manner, with writing that is clear, logically organized, and respectful with correct grammar and spelling using current APA style. There are various ways to structure your presentation; following is one example: Part 1: Organizational or Patient Issue. What is the issue that you are trying to solve or improve? Why should the audience care about solving it? Part 2: Relevance of an Interdisciplinary Team Approach. Why is using an interdisciplinary team relevant, or the best approach, to addressing the issue? How will it help to achieve improved outcomes or reach a goal? Part 3: Interdisciplinary Plan Summary. What is the objective? How likely is it to work? What will the interdisciplinary team do? Part 4: Implementation and Resource Management. How could the plan be implemented to ensure effective use of resources? How could the plan be managed to ensure that resources were not wasted? How does the plan justify the resource expenditure? Part 5: Evaluation. What would a successful outcome of the project look like? What are the criteria that could be used to measure that success? How could this be used to show the degree of success? Again, keep in mind that your audience for this presentation is a specific group (or groups) at your interviewee’s organization and tailor your language and messaging accordingly. Remember, also, that another person will ultimately be giving the presentation. Include thorough speaker’s notes that flesh out the bullet points on each slide. Additional Requirements • • • Number of slides: Plan on using one or two slides for each part of your presentation as needed, so the content of your presentation will be 8–12 slides in length. Remember that slides should contain concise talking points, and you will use presenter’s notes to go into detail. Be sure to include a reference slide as the last slide of your presentation. NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation Number of references: Cite a minimum of 3 sources of scholarly or professional evidence that support your central ideas. Resources should be no more than five years old. APA formatting: Make sure that in-text citations on your slides and in your notes pages and reference slide reflect current APA Style and Format. Portfolio Prompt: Remember to save the final assessment to your ePortfolio so that you may refer to it as you complete the final Capstone course. Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations Introduction One concern about visual presentations is that the technology used to create them can be used in such a way that it actually detracts from the message rather than enhances it. To help you consider carefully how your message is presented so that it reflects care, quality, and professionalism, consider the information provided in the remaining slides. NOTE: This presentation serves as an example in itself, by utilizing all of the guidelines mentioned. Outline The following topics will be covered: ? Writing ? Bullets ? Organization ? Tables ? Audience ? Font ? Design ? Speaker Notes ? Images Writing ? Present ideas succinctly with lean prose. ? Use short sentences. ? Use active, rather than passive voice. ? Avoid negative statements, if possible. ? Avoid double negative entirely. ? Check spelling and grammar. ? Use consistent capitalization rules. Organization ? Develop a clear, strategic introduction to provide context for the presentation. ? Develop an agenda or outline slide to provide a roadmap for the presentation. ? Group relevant pieces of information together. ? Integrate legends and keys with charts and tables. ? Organize slides in logical order. ? Present one concept or idea per slide. ? Use only one conclusion slide to recap main ideas. Audience ? Present information at language level of intended audience. ? Do not use jargon or field-specific language. ? Follow the 70% rule—If it does not apply to 70% of your audience, present it to individuals at a different time. Design ? Use a consistent design throughout the presentation. ? Keep layout and other features consistent. ? Use the master slide design feature to ensure consistency. ? Use consistent horizontal and vertical alignment of slide elements throughout the presentation. ? Leave ample space around images and text. Images ? When applicable, enhance text-only slide content by developing relevant images for your presentation. ? Do not use gratuitous graphics on each slide. ? Use animations only when needed to enhance meaning. If selected, use them sparingly and consistently. Bullets ? Use bullets unless showing rank or sequence of items. ? If possible, use no more than five bullet points and eight lines of text total per slide. Tables ? Use simple tables to show numbers, with no more than 4 rows x 4 columns. ? Reserve more detailed tables for a written summary. Font ? Keep font size at 24 point or above for slide titles. ? Keep font size at 18 or above for headings and explanatory text. ? Use sans serif fonts such as Arial or Verdana. ? Use ample contrast between backgrounds and text. Speaker Notes ? Summarize key information. ? Provide explanation. ? Discuss application and implication to the field, discipline or work setting. ? Document the narration you would use with each slide. Running head: INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal Yailin Mur Fernandez NURS-FPX4010 Capella University October 13, 2020 1 INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL 2 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal The critical review of the information provided by the United IT Manager showed that the organization urgently needs to identify and install clinical decision support (CDS) to meet the needs of patients through better care coordination and strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations.NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation Therefore, the goal is to present a comprehensive plan that illustrates how its implementation would result in the effective use of evidence-based practice measures to improve patient outcomes. Objective The objective of this interdisciplinary plan for United Healthcare is the integration of a CDS into the organization’s information technology infrastructure to address the documentation, information exchange, and care coordination issues that impact patient outcomes adversely. Hence, the goal is to present a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely framework that is consistent with United Healthcare’s mission of delivering quality and affordable healthcare services to diverse patient populations. Questions and Predictions 1. Whether the clinical decision system will result in improved patient outcomes and employee commitment to the delivery of quality care? a. A clinical decision support system generates relevant information and specific clinical data that nurses, physicians, and other healthcare practitioners need to diagnose and administer the right interventions and treatments to patients. It is also a health informatics tool that supports the organizational and individual goals of the timely identification and utilization of evidence-based practices for eliminating all types of patient safety issues, including medication errors. INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL 3 2. What are the potentials of the clinical decision system to improve interdisciplinary collaborations? b. Clinical decision support systems enhance the performances of members of the interdisciplinary team through their timely access to the specific medical records during the transition of care and other aspects of the treatment. Also, this health information technology solution eliminates communication issues, data integration challenges, and knowledge sharing that practitioners and providers need to make informed decisions on the treatment or management strategies for their patients. 3. What are the likely barriers to the implementation of the clinical decision system at United Healthcare? c. Despite the immense potentials of CDS to improve care coordination, improve patient outcomes, and eliminate some of the issues during the transition of care from one unit to the other, United Healthcare must recognize some of the barriers to its effective implementation. In this regard, multiple studies showed that organizational culture, patient behavior and perception, employee apathy, and cost are some of the barriers to the efficient deployment of health informatics, including CDS. Change Theories and Leadership Strategies Kurt Lewin’s Three-Stage Model of Change is considered appropriate for the deployment of a clinical decision support system to United Healthcare because its framework consists of the processes for identifying the factors that would result in its successful implementation. According to Udod and Wagner (2018), Lewin’s change theory is based on the principle of INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL 4 replacing previous knowledge and practices with new and relevant one that allows the identification of the driving forces for organizational improvements. They further added that the theoretical framework is also useful for stable environments where change agents can achieve a balance between the positive and negative forces for modifying processes. In this regard, the unfreezing stage of the model would be used for influencing the attitudinal and behavioral changes among the workers and acceptance of the new technology-based methods for delivering care to patients. Additionally, the change phase is highly critical for identifying and implementing processes that support the adoption of the changes and practice methods that leverage the potentials of the clinical decision support system. NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation As Udod et al. (2018) noted, the stage empowers the change agent to illustrate individual and organizational CDS benefits, describe the methods for working with others to effect the changes, and gain relevant support from management. Finally, the refreezing stage of Lewin’s theory is another reason why it is relevant to United Healthcare’s goal of utilizing health informatics because it entrenches the impacts of the CDS on patient outcomes and other quality metrics that were achieved during implementation. Meanwhile, it is critical for the change management group to combine the principles of transformational leadership with those provided by the change model to achieve the desired results. It is also a leadership strategy that focuses on the importance of the changes to both the team and organizations and encourages the provision of the resources for implementing two critical stages of the change model. Aside from its relationship with the provision of resources, the transformational approach is relevant for gaining the support and commitment of the various interdisciplinary teams due to their increased understanding of the requirements for removing both the individual and organizational barriers (Wright et al. 2018). Therefore, the most INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL 5 appropriate leadership strategy to leverage the benefits of Lewin’s Change Theory to the implementation of the interdisciplinary plan for United Healthcare. Team Collaboration Strategy The implementation of this interdisciplinary plan requires a core team to perform certain roles that demonstrate the significance of collaboration to the project. In this regard, the project requires a project manager who is responsible for the overall supervision, coordination, and execution of all the activities for the deployment of the CDS. This function would be supported by an IT manager and trainers that would be responsible for the management of the technical components and user education and management, respectively (Greenes et al., 2018). Regarding the team collaboration strategies, knowledge management is considered as the most appropriate one because it permits the attitudinal and behavioral changes that the clinical and non-clinical employees of United Healthcare need to adopt and utilize the CDS system during and after its integration into its information technology infrastructure. Hence, the team collaboration approach for the integration of the CDS is the identification and assignment of functions and utilization of the right knowledge management methods to achieve its objectives. Required Organizational Resources As a health informatics project, United Healthcare’s management must provide financial and material support to execute its various stages. First, funds are needed for procuring hardware and software components for the project to ensure the proper integration of the new system into the old ones. It is estimated that the total cost of this aspect of the project is $50,000. Second, the company needs to provide an additional $5,000 for the training and education of the clinical and non-clinical staff for the use of the new CDS system. Overall, the estimated cost for the successful implementation of this project is $55,000. Therefore, it implies that the leadership of INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL this healthcare organization must approve the procurement of the relevant technical and nontechnical resources to accomplish its vision, manage its workforce, deliver expected patient outcomes, and achieve both its tactical and strategic financial goals. 6 INTERDISCIPLINARY PLAN PROPOSAL 7 References Greenes, R. A., Bates, D. W., Kawamoto, K., Middleton, B., Osheroff, J., & Shahar, Y. (2018). Clinical decision support models and frameworks: seeking to address research issues underlying implementation successes and failures. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 78, 134-143. Udod, S., & Wagner, J. (2018). Common Change Theories and Application to Different Nursing Situations. Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing. Pressbooks. Retrieved from Wright, A., Ai, A., Ash, J., Wiesen, J. F., Hickman, T. T. T., Aaron, S., … & Galanter, W. (2018). Clinical decision support alert malfunctions: analysis and empirically derived taxonomy. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 25(5), 496-506. … Purchase answer to see full attachment. NURS PX 4010 Capella University Interdisciplinary Healthcare Plan Presentation Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool’s honor code & terms of service . 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