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1. Journal Activity 1Please answer the following questions. How would you personally define ethics? How do business ethics differ from your personal ethics? What is the biggest influence on your personal ethics? Why? Do you try to always be ethical? Why or why not? Do you think you have a high personal standard? Do you know an adult that has lied, cheated, or stolen anything? How might an adult justify this type of behavior?Requirements:Include the list of references used. Use headings/number the questions. Avoid Plagiarism.2. Journal Activity 2Please answer the following questions. What are some of the drawbacks to greed? How can you combat greed is your own personal / business life? Is there a way to help others deal with greed? Ego, greed, or misguided thinking, which is the toughest to combat in your life? In the workplace? Can you think of other issues that might lead to unethical behavior? Does culture really care about greed, ego, or misguided thinking? Does it care about ethical behavior?Requirements:Include the list of references used. Use headings/number the questions. Avoid Plagiarism.3. Understanding Creative CapitalismGates, co-founder, and chairperson of Microsoft Corporation, advocates that in addition to seeking profits, corporations should also become social entrepreneurs in order to help solve social problems. He has called this creative capitalism. Gates argues the desire to help others who are less fortunate should be as powerful a motivator as increasing profits for businesses today.Review: on your research you are required to complete a paper answering the following: Explain free-market capitalism. Describe creative capitalism. Explain the three advantages of creative capitalism in relation to businesses. Explain the concept of corporate social responsibility using two examples of socially responsible companies. Clearly and concisely support your examples and explain why these companies are considered socially responsible. Comment on Gates’ creative capitalism. Do you think that creative capitalism can become the future of capitalism in the U.S.? Justify your response with examples and research.Requirements: Title Page Intro paragraph Detailed answers for all the questions to be written in 10 – 15 Pages. (Avoid Plagiarism) References (and in-text citations) to be APA formatted. Use Level One and Level Two headers throughout.

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Personal Ethics | Instant Homework Help
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