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Research Component: Term Paper Each student is required to write a term paper, which spans 12-15 pages (font size 12 and double-spaced). You are required to send An OUTLINE for the paper, one page in length, to the instructor BY WEEK 6. The outline is on what you PLAN to write in your paper. For the format of your paper, you may follow the scientific notation below: For example, (Epstein 2017, 141-5); Here Epstein refers to the name of author; 2017 the year of publication and 141-5 to the pages on which the information you have cited. Keep the consistency of the format of your choice in your paper. Section for the REFERENCES should be listed at the END of the paper. Choose at least three political ideologies and identify common traits as well as major differences among those ideologies chosen. Make your critiques of each of the ideologies chosen in terms of their respective values and ideals as they are related to the government and politics.

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Political Ideologies | Instant Homework Help
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