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Based on internet and/or library database research, as well as our class readings, begin developing an identity for yourself as an individual who is incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, or a family member, advocate, or ally of an incarcerated person. OR you can choose the identity of someone who is in law enforcement or any position that has control and/or authority over people experiencing incarceration. Name yourself (you can keep your own name if you want), name and describe the crime for which you were convicted or arrested. You will eventually create a biography for yourself and write a short autobiography, but for now you are simply naming yourself, your crime (or other role), and giving a brief background of your desire to become part of a participatory defense group, advocacy group, or other action-related group. You do not need to know what the crimes of your other group members are just yet, only your desire to enact some sort of change. Include all the research that you consulted while creating your persona

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Preliminary Identity | Instant Homework Help
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