Printing Literature Review Paper

Printing Literature Review Paper Printing Literature Review Paper I’m studying for my class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study? find 3 articles from eng107_m.a_3_literature_review.pdf engineering_research_project_literature_review.pdf performing_a_literature_review___lois_reed.pdf writing_an_effective_literature_review____amanda_bolderston.pdf ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ENG107 Major Writing Assignment #3- Literature Review Complete Assignment Due: Friday, March 29, by 11:59 pm – in Blackboard Dropbox Check the updated class schedule for due dates for your selected articles, synthesis matrix, and Peer Review draft prior to final due date. Points Possible: 30 Peer Review: Wednesday, March 27 – have a FULL draft – printed Length: 5-6 pages double-spaced Technical: APA Style conventions; Word as final submission format Content: Following our class discussion of Lois Reed’s “Performing a Literature Review” and Amanda Bolderston’s, “Writing an Effective Literature Review” on strategies for developing literature reviews, as well as the Univ. of S. Australia’s example “Engineering Research Project: Literature Review,” you will write a literature review in which you examine the current research around a particular issue of your choice and make suggestions for further research. You will need to examine at least five (5) articles and write about three (3) of them. What is a Literature Review? According to Amanda Bolderston: “A literature review can be an informative, critical, and useful synthesis of a particular topic. It can identify what is known (and unknown) in the subject area, identify areas of controversy or debate, and help formulate questions that need further research…. a good review is characterized by the author’s efforts to evaluate and critically analyze the relevant work in the field” (“Writing an Effective Literature Review,” abstract). Tasks – We will have writing workshops for these steps: Analyze the 3 articles assigned to this M.A. #3 as listed above in Content. Your paper should be 5-6 pages in total and include the following sections: • Abstract: Your abstract should provide an overview of the paper, a clear sense of purpose, and an outline of the major areas for discussion. • Introduction: Your introduction should provide a summary of the area of interest, the issue under research, establish the relevance to the reader, and include the paper’s intent/purpose. • Methodology: Your methodology section should elaborate on your search strategy, discuss key terms used, and provide criteria for inclusion as well as exclusion of the article (including the rationale for the criteria). • Discussion: Your discussion section should provide a comprehensive analysis of the 3 articles you are writing about. You can organize the discussion thematically, chronologically, etc. It should also touch on the various gaps or limitations of the research presented in the articles. Printing Literature Review Paper. • Conclusion: Your conclusion needs to answer the “so what?” question (why does it matter?) and suggest possible further research (based on the gaps and limitations identified above). • References: Your references section should list all 5 articles in your research using APA format. Engineering research project: literature review What is a literature review? Literature = scholarly publications which have been written on a particular topic, such as journal articles, research reports, government reports and text books. The review = the careful selection of literature relevant to your topic and the presentation, interpretation, classification and evaluation of this literature. Why do a literature review? Your literature review becomes an essential link in your research project: ? The literature review provides the reader with all the important background information needed to understand your project. ? It places your project as one link in a chain of research that is developing knowledge in your field. o To understand where you are going, it is important to understand what came before you. ? It demonstrates to the reader that you are aware of up-to-date and important knowledge on your topic ? It may also be used to justify or provide a rationale for your research question, your research framework or your methodology A literature review is NOT … ENG 107 3D Printing Literature Review Paper Printing Literature Review Paper. ? An annotated bibliography o In an annotated bibliography the writer presents a summary and critical evaluation of each article or scholarly resource, one by one. o There little or no connection made between the various articles or resources. ? An essay o Essays and literature reviews have a very different purpose and require different approaches. o In an essay a student is given a topic to discuss or a question to answer and the writing is organised around responding to that topic or question. o The essay progresses in a linear way, where the student presents his/her first point, followed by an explanation which is supported by the literature. o The student then moves on to the second point and so on. o So in an essay the literature has a supporting role, whereas in a literature review it is the literature itself which is the subject of discussion. Developed by Learning Advisers 1 In the literature you WILL … ? ? ? ? ? ? ? NOT answer a question identify a gap in existing knowledge, that is, you will identify what we still need to know about this topic or issue POSE a question related to this gap. This will be your research question. compare and contrast different authors’ views on an issue note areas in which authors are in disagreement highlight gaps or identify any particular shortcomings of past research In this way your literature review becomes a critical discussion of the knowledge or ideas related to your research topic Structure of the literature review The body of your literature review will be organised in way that best suits your topic ? Historically/chronologically – if you are looking at the evolution of a concept or practice overtime or evaluating whether a concept from 20 years ago holds up today, then a historical or chronological organization might be appropriate. ? Research questions – some writers organise their literature review around the research questions. ? Themes – a very common way to organise the literature is according to key themes which emerge from the literature in relation to your topic. Organising your literature You must demonstrate that you went about your literature review in a systematic and rigorous way. You can include diagrams or tables to show how you have organised your literature. Example 1 ? The authors have summarised the large amount of literature on their topic into a table. ? They categorised the literature according to land use characteristics discussed in the literature, such as distance of residence from the urban centre, settlement size and so on. ? They further organized the literature according to different travel patterns, such as distance, frequency, mode, time and energy consumption. ? As the authors noted, this table allowed them to identify areas the literature has focused on, and any gaps. Also, it allowed them to examine similarities and differences in the literature. ? Further, the table provided a structure for the presentation of the literature review. Developed by Learning Advisers 2 (Stead & Marshall 2001, p. 114) Developed by Learning Advisers 3 Writing up your literature review A brief introduction: ? The decision to include a brief introduction to your literature review will depend on the topic area, length of the project report and any instructions or template provided by your lecturer. ? The length of the introduction will depend on the word requirement for your research project report or paper. It could be just a couple of sentences or it could be several paragraphs. ? Inform the reader of the purpose or focus of the section and to sign post to the reader what is coming up in this section. ? You may want to also inform the reader of how you went about the process of conducting the literature review so that the reader can be assured of the rigor of your process. Sample introduction: Traditionally the approach to infrastructure planning and decision-making is highly directive and strongly organized in stages. Such an approach can help progress of a project or a process by defining manageable pieces (Cooper 1972; Prahabkar 2008). ENG 107 3D Printing Literature Review Paper A more overarching approach to lifecycle integration, which looks into the possibility and potential added value of tailoring and integrating separate initiatives, is currently absent. To investigate its potential in practice, it is crucial to gain insight into recently obtained experiences of public and private parties with separate integration initiatives. Therefore this literature review aims to firstly provide greater insight into public and private experiences with various lifecycle integration initiatives in practice, and, secondly to explore the potential of integrating these initiatives throughout the planning cycle. Thereby, this review specifically focuses on experiences with integration initiatives in projects exhibiting a high degree of complexity. The outline is as follows. Firstly the review provides a …. (section omitted) Context, setting the scene The ‘problem’ Purpose Outline, structure (Adapted from Stead & Marshall 2001, p. 114) Developed by Learning Advisers 4 The body sections: ? Lead the reader through your various ideas and understandings. ? Have clear sections and subsections to your literature review. ? Ensure that each paragraph has one clear idea. ? Use sign posting, transitioning and linking language to connect ideas and to move from one paragraph to the next. Sample body section: 2.1 Vehicle fires 2.1.1 Impact of vehicle fires In 2006, the NFPA reported that roughly 490 civilians died in vehicle fires. These 490 civilian deaths represent 13.7% of the total deaths associated with fire for 2006, including residential and non-residential structures. Also in 2006, vehicle fires accounted for $1.3 billion in property loss (National Safety Council 2006). Additionally, 1200 civilian injuries were reported (National Safety Council 2006). These numbers indicate that, while survivability of automotive accidents has increased substantially in the last few decades due to advances in vehicle safety, vehicle fire safety is still a major concern. The numbers of deaths in accidents has decreased while the number of fire deaths in accidents has remained relatively constant. Until recently, little research has been conducted concerning the problem of fire safety; in recent years, the U.S. motor vehicle industry has spent nearly $14 million per year researching the problem of motor vehicle fire safety (Tewarson, Quintiere &Purser 2007). This research by the U.S. motor vehicle industry has unveiled some major issues related to fires and their victims; the most compelling results are the statistical data concerning the topic. An analysis of vehicle fire data from 1994 to 1998 was conducted by NFPA 556. Table 2.1 shows fire losses for passenger road vehicles in the U.S.A. between the years of 1994 and 1998; it has been reproduced from the original table in NFPA 556, which contained fire losses from all vehicles (including air, rail, water, and road freight). Passenger road vehicles are all vehicles, which travel on public roads or highways. Topic sentence this first sentence tells the reader what the focus of the paragraph is Signposting, linking language this connects the different literature, builds discussion Interpretation the writer interprets the literature and highlights the significance of the information as it relates to the topic Connecting paragraphs this adds cohesion and flow to the review Verb tense Notice the past tense or past perfect tense are used to report on previous studies (Adapted from Patronik 2008, p. 5) Developed by Learning Advisers 5 Concluding your literature review: ? Summarise the main focus of the literature review. ? Highlight the gap in the literature. ? Make a connection between your literature review and your research questions. Sample conclusion: 3.5 Outcomes of the literature review This review of relevant aspects of the literature points to the significance of the professional skills already possessed by parttime students in relation to the development that all engineering students must undergo in developing from students to engineers. It sets out the context in which students may act as mentors for fellow students. It provides confirmation that composition of groups can have an effect on aspects of group project work. No close equivalents of the initiatives involving part-time students carried out at Coventry have been found in the literature and this confirms the validity and interest of the research questions posed for this investigation: ? How do the full-time students learn from part-time students? ENG 107 3D Printing Literature Review Paper ? What are the benefits and problems in creating this contact? Summary Gap Gap Link to research questions (Davies & Rutherford 2012, p. 358-359) Grammar Your job as the writer is to explore past research and ideas and theories related to your topic and then present your interpretations or evaluations of this literature. One way in which we situate research, ideas and theories is through the use of grammar. Verb tense Simple present tense Purpose/function used when talking about an idea or theory that is constant Simple past tense to describe actions or events in the past that are completed Present perfect tense to describe actions or events in the past that are connected to the present Passive voice to focus on the action, rather than the person doing the action; it is understood or implied who is doing the action without stating this Developed by Learning Advisers 6 Example of grammar: Flame and heat propagation into the passenger compartment are deadly occurrences and have been investigated by a number of researchers. According to one study, in nearly two thirds of vehicle fire deaths, the swift advance of fire and the ensuing incapacitation of passengers were contributing factors (United States Fire Administration 2002). In a full scale vehicle test, the engine compartments took between 10 to 25 minutes to reach full involvement (Tewarson, Quintiere &Purser 2007; Santrock n.d.). Once the engine compartment was fully involved, flames spread into the passenger compartment in as little as one to six minutes, resulting in occupant death in 1 to 3 minutes due to the coinciding effects of heat, burns, and toxic gases (Tewarson, Quintiere &Purser 2007). These results should be considered in relation to emergency response times. For example, in rural accidents, it could take more than half an hour before an emergency response team arrives (Bahouth 2004). Simple present Present perfect Simple past Simple past Simple past Passive voice Simple present (Adapted from Patronik 2008, p. 9) References Davies, JW & Rutherford, U 2012, ‘Learning from fellow engineering students who have current professional experience’, European Journal of Engineering Education, vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 354-365. Patronik, EA 2008, An analysis of vehicle fires and potential methods to reduce their severity through more stringent material standards, ProQuest, UMI Dissertations Publishing. Stead, D., & Marshall, S. (2001). The relationships between urban form and travel patterns. An international review and evaluation. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 1(2), 113-141. Developed by Learning Advisers 7 PERFORMING A LITERATURE REVIEW Lois E. Reed Mathematician Systems Engineering Division Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division China Lake CA 93555-6100 Abstract – This report is intended as a guide for teachers and engineering students when conducting research is part of course-work requirements. Discussion includes a description of a literature search, the purpose of a literature review, finding sources (especially for engineering), and a general strategy to help conduct an efficient and productive literature search. Using tools such as this report, students can become more pro-active about their research projects. Teachers can use this report, among other tools, to begin dialog with their students about expectations for research assignments. Two key steps in a literature search are i) finding sources and ii) synthesizing information. Each of these is addressed in two of the major sections in this report, as well as how the literature search relates to the entire research process. Then pertinent information is repeated in the summary section for your convenience. An annotated reference list is included for ease in finding other useful guidance. ENG 107 3D Printing Literature Review Paper INTRODUCTION complex inter-relationships, including those of the literature search and documentation efforts. LITERATURE SEARCH IDENTIFY TOPIC OF INTEREST GENERATE RELATED QUESTIONS STATE UNSOLVED PROBLEM FIND OR DEVELOP SOLUTION DOCUMENT RESULTS FIGURE 1. Flow Diagram of Research Process. What Is A Literature Search Purpose Of A Literature Search The literature search is a very significant step in the research process. The basic stages in a typical research project are: i) identify your topic of interest, ii) perform a literature review, iii) generate related questions, iv) state your unsolved problem or hypothesis, v) find or develop a solution, and vi) document your results. We are often trained to think, approach, and describe tasks sequentially, but anyone who has earned an advanced degree in engineering (or any other field) can tell you that a sequential checklist of the process is too simplistic. Reference 1 explains “… how researchers must work at different stages of their project simultaneously [1].” The authors describe how overlapping the stages can help you understand the problem, manage complexity, and motivate changes in both earlier and later stages. The important concept to grasp is that the literature search is not just one distinct step in a research task. It is both a step and an iterative feedback loop. Defining an unsolved problem determines what kind of literature search is appropriate, and performing a literature search helps define an unsolved problem. Because of this complexity, it is not surprising that many beginning researchers have difficulty. Figure 1 depicts the research process and some of the An introduction chapter in a research paper generally includes information gleaned from a thorough literature search. A literature search serves three important functions [2]. Reference 2 states that the literature review gives your reader background information regarding your own research, demonstrates your familiarity with research in your field, and shows how your work contributes one more piece in the puzzle of expanding the knowledge base in your field. The important idea to convey is that you really understand what others in your field have accomplished and how your work differs from the works of others [3]. In a literature review, you demonstrate your understanding of the relevant works of others and your ability to summarize this information for the convenience of your readers. This sets the stage for you to describe what your research contribution is going to be. FINDING SOURCES Libraries are one obvious resource for a student performing a literature search, but there are many others as well, including the internet. Regardless of the sources you use, keep a bibliographic trail [1]. Track titles, authors, publication information, page numbers, and possibly library call numbers (LCN), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), or International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN). When searching through cyberspace, also note on-line addresses and other pertinent information so that a search can be duplicated if necessary. Also be aware that some online information changes daily – one day it is there, the next day it is gone. You should print it out immediately, if possible, and note the source, the “navigation” route, and the search engine you used to get to that source. These tracking habits can help you avoid duplication of effort and speed … Purchase answer to see full attachment Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool’s honor code & terms of service . Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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