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preparefor this final section of the Course Project:Reflect on the importance of appropriate dissemination of evaluation results as it pertains to your program.Consider implications of the evaluation dissemination strategies and think about how you would disseminate the results to stakeholders. Reflect on how you would address stakeholders who might dispute your results.Review “Implementation: Strategies and Associated Concerns” in the McKenzie et al. text. Consider what would be an adequate timeline to execute the evaluation you have planned. Think about the tasks and activities that should be included in a timeline for your program evaluation plan.Review “Evaluation Results” in Chapter 13 and “Evaluation Reporting” in Chapter 15 of the McKenzie et al. text. Think about how to appropriately disseminate the results for your program evaluation.Review the Course Project Guidelines (in the Learning Resources).To complete this additional section of the Course Project:Create a Gantt or PERT Chart, and narrative paragraphs that:Justify the timeline for your program evaluationExplain how and to whom you will disseminate your program evaluation resultsNote: This section is not an additional submission. You will add your responses to these prompts to your final Course Project.Final Course Project Submission (8–10 pages):Review the Course Project Guidelines to complete Week 5.Combine this week’s additional components with all of the sections of your Course Project completed in Weeks 2 through 4.The Course Project should be a total of 8–10 pages.Note:The information shared in your Discussion postings reflects only a portion of the more extensive documentation you are expected to submit in your Course Project this week.Your written Assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate.

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Program Evaluation | Instant Homework Help
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