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Explainthe project closeout process for your team’s project in an 10-12 slide presentation. Be sure to include visual aids to help convey your information as well as discussion in the speaker notes that helps describe how each topic applies to your team’s project.Addressthe following with specific information for your team’s project:How customer final approval will be receivedSpecific criteria to be met for the customer to agree that the project has been successfully completedThe lessons learned as the project is completed – What was done well? What could have been done better?Project team transition off the project: What happens to the project team members? How soon can they roll off the project?In which form will communication during the Closing phase be delivered to stakeholders?Be sure to include visual aids to support the content of your presentation. You can use the SmartArt feature within PowerPoint for this purpose.Include an introduction or agenda slide, a conclusion slide and a slide with at least two APA formatted references.

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Project Closeout Process | Instant Homework Help
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