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You will do this project in a group of 5 or less. Each group or individual will sign up to present on a public health issue and intervention of their choice. They will provide background information on the public health issue and explain why it is relevant and/or prevalent. They will also determine if some of the factors discussed throughout the course (i.e. urbanization, vulnerable populations, health disparities, social determinants of health, public health ethics, health literacy, etc.) were major factors in the development and implementation of the intervention that they choose to highlight. The groups or individuals will prepare a presentation of their information as well as a paper to depict their findings. The presentation can be in any form including, but not limited to, a PowerPoint presentation, a Prezi, a website, a video recording, etc.My assigned part.vulnerable populations Morolake health disparities Morolake social determinants of health, public health ethics Morolake  

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Public Health Issue | Instant Homework Help
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