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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Quality Control of Geographic Information System QC Process. In this regard, the DFIRM can help in the assessment of flood risks which are generally considered to be recurring phenomena in many states. This consequently enables the government agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to accurately determine the flood zones, floodways status as well as the base flood elevation of particular places regions(Baumann, 17). The modernization of these databases will also help in raising public awareness of the flood hazards.One of the main challenges of using the digital flood insurance rate maps in the identification of flood hazard risk areas is, however, the fact that flood hazard conditions are usually dynamic and this demands continual update of the DFIRM data to keep the flood maps current. According to USGS (4), the functionality of the new digital version can significantly be enhanced when it is used together with some digital mapping and analysis applications, particularly the Geographic Information System(GIS) software. This project seeks to use an integrated GIS database in the quality control (QC) of the Digital Flood Rate Map (DFRM) to help in the validation of various cartographic data regarding flood hazard risks in the states of California and Nevada.Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offers a wide range of mapping and database analysis capabilities that can be used to ensure quality control (QC) of the DFIRM data regarding the flood hazard risks in the two states of California and Nevada (Foresman, 416). This will present enormous contributions particularly for the schools, students as well as communities living in areas of flood hazard risks. One of the key benefits of using GIS in the quality control of flood hazard risk data is that it will allow all the stakeholders such as researchers, schools, students as well as various government agencies to develop high quality and most current information regarding the flood risk regions in the two states. According to Chang (181), GIS can also be effectively used to update the flood hazard maps to keep up with the dynamic flood hazard conditions.

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Quality Control of Geographic Information System | Instant Homework Help
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