Relationship Between Individual Marital Status and Voter Turnout | Instant Homework Help

Capstone Project- Relationship between individual marital status and voter turnoutYour final paper must include the following elements: – A title page with an abstract of no more that 150 words. – An introduction in which you map out the critical elements of the paper as per instructions in class (research question, general direction and findings, etc.). – A literature review that describes the relevant literature to your specific research question. As I’ve repeatedly stated in class, there is no minimum number of references, but I can’t imagine any paper of this length meeting this requirement that doesn’t have at least 15 or so. My last 3 articles had 37, 40, and 77 references; so it really does vary. – A theory and hypotheses section that provides your theoretical explanations and a clear presentation of hypotheses using the rough template discussed in this class and research methods. – A data and methods section that discusses the particulars of the operationalization of a multivariate analysis such as OLS, logistic, or ordered logistic regression. – A results section. – A discussion/conclusion section that discusses the contribution of your work to the broader understanding of your research area. – The paper must be at least 12 pages, exclusive of tables, figures, abstract, title, works cited, or any other material apart from the text. It should be in 12 point, regular assed font. Use APSA formatting for the parenthetical citations and reference list. As you have seen from the examples given in class, these are not always distinct sections of papers, they are sometimes combined or further separated. For example, you often will see literature reviews divided into multiple sections, especially if a great deal of contextualization is necessary. You will also see people formally divide the data and methods section, generally when new data are being offered and described. How you finely tune those sections is up to you, however, you must include all of these elements in a manner that flows well for the reader. IMPORTANT! Do not just stitch together the previous assignments into one Word file and call it a paper. This will require a fair amount of rewriting and harmonization between the sections. I have completed a project on this particular topic. I will upload it for reference .Also, a lot of similar content can be used by adding some sections and modifying some.

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Relationship Between Individual Marital Status and Voter Turnout | Instant Homework Help
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